Jihadi grudge match waged over money

December 11, 2013

Two militant Sunni Muslim groups have attacked each other 21 times over the past five months in Kirkuk in northern Iraq.  One group (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is an Al Qaeda offshoot while the other (Ansar al-Sunna) is a group of Baathist terrorists.  They’re squabbling over which will be the most powerful jihadist group in that part of Iraq, and also over access to financial resources, reports Niqash:

Another reason for the fighting has to do with money. Some sources say that part of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein’s millions were hidden away somewhere between Hawija and his hometown, Awja, and it’s been being used to fund violence and bombing. Other sources say it’s all a spat about ransom money.

Meanwhile, the civilian population is enjoying a slight respite from terror as these two groups target each other.

Perhaps stirring up divisions between jihadist groups could be a useful tactic to attempt replicating elsewhere…


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