Weapons routed from Balkans to Syrian rebels

February 18, 2014

A new report indicates that a Croatian arms smuggling kingpin is being paid by the spy agencies of Middle Eastern monarchies to supply Syria’s extremist rebels.  The article is presumably referring to Saudi Arabia’s spy service, (the General Intelligence Presidency), Qatari State Security, and the Turkish clandestine agency MIT.  Some of the weapons that the Croatian dealer is transferring to Syria may have originated from Libya (see here and here).  And this isn’t the first time that European countries have been used for logistics behind illegal arms transfers to the Syrian front.

Thanks to Kathi Lynn Austin, the executive director of the Conflict Awareness Project, for tweeting out a link to this report from Panorama:

Intelligence Online: Croatian arms baron is settled in Azerbaijan from where it will deliver weapon to Syria

Croatian businessman, leader in Balkans’ arms trade Hrvoje Petrac is looking for a new business opportunities in Syria. As the French edition of Intelligence Online reports, he now works in Baku.

According to the newspaper, Petrac has previously been in prison for kidnapping the son of the Director of the Croatian arms exporting agency “Agensija Alan”.

“He will supply weapons to Syria via Jordan from Baku. It operates under the auspices and the funding of the security services of the Middle East countries, that are supporting the Syrian rebels,” the article reads.

Intelligence Online notes that Petrac is not the only arms dealer, who is making money on the Syrian conflict. Syrian insurgents also get weapons from Albanian and Serb arsenals.

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  1. […] Money Jihad bericht dat de informatie waarschijnlijk afkomstig is van de geheime diensten van Saoedi-Arabië, Qatar en van de geheime dienst MIT in Turkije. Enkele wapens van Kroatische handelaars die naar Syrië worden getransporteerd, zijn oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit Libië. En het is niet de eerste keer dat de logistiek van Europese landen ervoor gebruikt wordt om illegaal wapens naar Syrië te transporteren. En ook is Petrač niet de enige wapenhandelaar die geld verdient aan het Syrië-conflict. De Syrische oorlogsdeelnemers krijgen bovendien wapens uit Albanese en Servische wapenarsenalen. […]

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