Canada names Muslim charity a terrorist group

May 18, 2014

IRFAN has sent almost 15 million Canadian dollars (14 million USD) to Hamas, which is just a little more than the $12 million that the Holy Land Foundation in Texas sent to Hamas from 1995 to 2001. Does it still remain unclear to anybody that using Islamic charities in North America for funding is a central part of Hamas’s worldwide revenue strategy?

By the way, the five leaders of HLF received sentences ranging from 15 to 65 years in prison for their crimes. Should we expect no less in this case given the staggering amount of money involved?

IRFAN’s substantive operations ended last year, but it maintained nominal activities, a Facebook page, and an office which has just been raided by Mounties.

Thanks to Red Team Red Queen for sending this in from the National Post on Apr. 29:

RCMP raids Muslim relief group’s offices as Canada declares it a terrorist organization

Stewart Bell

TORONTO — A Muslim relief organization accused by federal auditors of sending almost $15-million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has been raided by police, who seized an “extensive amount” of evidence, the RCMP said Tuesday.

Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams searched the head office of the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada in Mississauga, Ont., as well as a private residence in Montreal.

“We are determined to stop Canadian funds from getting in the hands of terrorist groups,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia. “We continue to work diligently with our partners to investigate and disrupt organizations from misusing charitable donations to find terrorist activity.”

A non-profit group that worked mostly in Muslim countries, IRFAN-Canada lost its charity status in 2011 after Canada Revenue Agency auditors called it an “integral part” of an international fundraising effort that supported Hamas.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said Tuesday that IRFAN-Canada had “for many years” funded Hamas. “The well intentioned and charitable Canadians who sought to support humanitarian relief through this organization deserve better.”

The minister made the comments as he announced the relief group had been placed on Canada’s list of proscribed terrorist entities. The designation makes it a crime to knowingly have any dealings with IRFAN-Canada’s property or finances…

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