Admin note about TTFB

September 6, 2014

Money Jihad blog, which is hosted by WordPress, is working great.

The Terror Finance Blog (TTFB) however, to which Money Jihad blogger A.D. Kendall is a contributing expert, is experiencing domain problems. TTFB’s editor Ilan Weinglass says the problem may take some time to resolve.

The website that has taken over the terrorfinance.org URL calls itself “Terror Finance: tutto sulle opzioni binarie,” The website is in Italian and gives advice on binary trading options. Forbes magazine warns its readers that binary option websites “are gambling sites, pure and simple,” not investment websites.

Money Jihad and blogger A.D. Kendall are in no way affiliated with the Italian website.

The Terror Finance Blog is technically still available in a basic format at http://terrorfinance.typepad.com/. Pieces written by Kendall for TTFB were cross-published on Money Jihad, and can still be accessed as normal at https://moneyjihad.wordpress.com/category/appearing-at-terror-finance-blog/. Once TTFB finds a more permanent home, we’ll let readers know.



  1. The Terror Finance Blog is back up and running at http://www.terrorfinanceblog.com/ now. Please bookmark the new URL or save it to your favorites.

  2. […] Terror Finance Blog is back up and running after domain problems over the past several months.  The new URL is http://www.terrorfinanceblog.com.  Please visit the […]

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