Video: halal food and its indirect funding of terror

October 10, 2014

Leading up to our 5-year anniversary, Money Jihad continues looking back at some of the more significant videos over the past few years.

CBN is one of the few media outlets to have ever investigated the disturbing and growing trend of halal food certification funding Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.  Check out their report from 2011 (which we also covered at the time):


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    Both kosher and halal slaughter are barbaric practices and need to end. The UK excuses both from our Animal Welfare Laws; this is outrageous. Religion must NOT be allowed to trump democracy & it’s laws. Add to this the funding of terrorism via halal food sales – one can only conclude that Western Governments are either blind or complicit in the ongoing destruction of 21st civilisation and its peoples! Utter insanity

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