Charges dropped on jihad supporter since she may be depressed

January 6, 2015

British prosecutors have dropped charges against Gerri Tahari, who acted as an informal quartermaster for a Syrian terrorist group, because they believe she is depressed. Tahari had ordered 72 pairs of boots and other military gear from eBay for her husband’s rebel unit. Sheesh. From the Daily Mail (h/t Sal):

Too depressed for trial: Wife of suspected jihadi leader cleared on charge of funding Syrian terror

  • Gerri Tahari was accused of using eBay to buy clothes for husband Rabat
  • She sent boots and hats to him as he fought in Syria, prosecutors said
  • But they have now dropped charges after hearing that she is depressed
  • Tahari, 45, first arrested alongside Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg

By Hugo Gye for MailOnline

Published: 11:33 EST, 23 December 2014 | Updated: 13:50 EST, 23 December 2014

The wife of a suspected jihadist has been cleared of buying supplies to help her husband to carry out terrorist attacks.

Gerri Tahari was accused of using an account on auction website eBay to buy a variety of equipment to send to her husband Rabat, who was fighting in Syria at the head of extremist forces.

However, she was acquitted today after medical reports suggested that she has been suffering from depression.

Mr Begg was accused of providing terrorist training and funding terrorism, but the charges were dropped in October when prosecutors were told he had links with MI5.

Mrs Tahari, had been accused of sending her husband 72 pairs of Wellington boots, gloves, a soup kettle, Russian Cossack-style military hats, sleeping mats, long range walkie-talkies, eye goggles, a fleece, and a balaclava between April 2012 and November last year.

During her initial court hearing, a prosecutor said: ‘Rabat Tahari is the defendant’s husband, and the prosecution case is he was and remains a Syrian terrorist commander of a rebel group.’…

One commenter to the Mail article wrote, “Oh, so now depression can make us do things against our will, can it? I didn’t know that! This is a new one. Now, what a handy defence over the Christmas period! ‘I’m sorry officer, but I’m depressed, and it was that that made me go over the speed limit,’ or ‘I’m sorry officer but depression made me drink more.’ Now there a precedent for such clap trap. Honestly, this is better than fiction.” Indeed. Or, more accurately, worse than fiction. Another commenter predicts, probably accurately, “Stand by for a miraculous recovery.”



  1. Though I find it hard to believe The Daily Mail have ever reported anything accurately, this is a freakish judgement.

    • I can only hope that she’s actually an intelligence asset and they struck this deal so as not to compromise an ongoing intel op.

      • Not very likely, given the fact that the story has already gotten out.

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