Worst terror rewarded with biggest stipends

October 20, 2015

This money doesn’t come from wealthy Saudi bankers or construction moguls making secret transfers.  It doesn’t come Iranian agents paying terrorist chiefs under the table.  It’s not black money from a multi-millionaire underworld boss hiding out in Pakistan.  It’s money that comes in plain sight through official budget outlays from the Palestinian Authority to convicted terrorists.

Please explain why one cent of Western aid money should go to the Palestinian Authority while this practice is ongoing.

From Algemeiner on Oct. 16:

…Every month, according to the bylaws of the PA, the organization transfers 17 million shekels to jailed terrorists who have been convicted of first degree murder or attempted murder of Israeli civilians.

The PA also allocates funds to the families of killers, with special grants for families of killers who die while committing an act of murder.

According to the PA distribution formula, the more severe the attack conducted by the terrorist and the longer the prison sentence, the larger the stipend.

Maher al-Hashlamon Hamdi, who was convicted to two life sentences for the murder of Dalia Lemkus in a car-ramming and stabbing attack last year, started receiving monthly stipends from the PA as soon as he was arrested.

Hamdi now receives 1,400 NIS a month. These payments will increase over time, and in the future, his monthly stipend will reach no less than 10,000 shekels.

Zaid Awad, who murdered Baruch Mizrachi on Passover Eve 2014, has received stipends from the PA totaling about 30,000 shekels. These stipends followed those he received for his previous imprisonment, before he was released in the Gilad Shalita prisoner exchange.

Amad Awad and Hakim Awad, who brutally murdered five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, have so far received almost 75,000 shekels each. According to the PA’s distribution formula for murderers, they’ll continue to receive stipends that will reach 12,000 shekels a month. When calculating the total sum throughout their lives, they will each possibly receive 2.4 million shekels for the multiple murders they committed.

This PA funding is an incentive to murder…

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  1. Like SITE Intel Group, MEMRI and all of these ziocon propaganda outlets, the only purpose of this blog is to promote an anti-muslim sentiment for the war on terror propaganda.

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