Islamic tax chart

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Table of Muslim Revenues

Major tax types under Islam by moneyjihad.wordpress.com


  1. Correction: It’s Sura 106 (not “160”) on which customs duties are loosely based.

    • ..And this has been corrected in the updated version displayed now.

  2. your brother in islam

  3. All these different ways of calculating charity under the different terms and based on the “Fiqh” is bogus. Go back to the Quran, and go back to the basics of what Allah tells us to do. Charity is mentioned in every verse of the Quran. What that means is that practice Charity in all forms of DEEDS. What this means is to be charitable in our way of life through charitable deeds in our day to day activities for example words spoken, home shared, physically assisting others, meals shared, monetary assistance, and etc. This is what is meant in the verses of the Quran.

    • “Charity is mentioned in every verse of the Quran.”

      Really? Please show me where the following verses mention charity:

      Koran (8:12): “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.”

      Koran (9:5): “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush…”

      Koran (3:151): “Soon shall we cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers…”

      How about you “go back to the Quran”?

      • mistake, typo, sleepy when i wrote this – but i meant surah – and thank you i do go back to the quran all the time – in fact i am writing a book about how Muslims have been duped by the so called Islamic scholars

      • Sir! Please read the whole context of the verses, dont be specific by cutting short and deviating the message. For example the verse 8:12 has to do with the war which had happened in the past. It is not a message or commandment for current day muslims to kill the infidels or like you are potraying a wrong picture out if the verse.

  4. Also your tax chart has some inaccuracies. Oil/Mineral revenues should be under Khums.

    Zakat does come in two forms. Zakat ul-mahl is the one you mention, however, it is not paid on money generally and only applies to gold, silver, wheat, rye, barley, dates, raisins, cattle, camels, goats and sheep. The rate varies based on the the item to be taxed and is not a flat 2.5%. Zakat ul-Fitra is the tax paid at the end of the month of Ramadan and is paid based on the number of individuals in your home, dependents and guests, on the last night of the money. Again Zakat ul-Fitra is not a percentage but a certain amount of grain or its monetary equivilant which is distributed to the poor.

    • Jafar, if you read the end notes below the chart, you’ll see where we write, “‘Zakat’ is an umbrella tax concept. As contemporary shorthand, ‘zakat’ most often refers to the 2.5% tax on monetary wealth. Different rates & rules apply to non-monetary zakat on oil, land, and articles of trade… The zakat on animal wealth varies is based on the number and type of animals owned.”

      I’ve covered the separate subject of zakat al-fitr here.

      Your comment on taxing oil is not quite accurate. Yes, it is “khums” in the sense that it is “one-fifth,” which is what khums means, but the tax on rikaz appears in the Hadith, Sahih Bukari, under a chapter entitled “Obligatory Charity Tax (Zakat).”

  5. I’m interested in why someone would have a problem with a “tax” (that is an english word, a misnomer, Islamic zakat in reality has nothing to do with the concept of taxation, but with the concept of “purifying” oneself and one’s wealth by sharing and giving away part of God’s blessing of wealth to those who are in greater need of it.)

    So I am very curious is to why someone would have a problem with taxes that are intended to relieve poverty. Especially if that someone comes from a place where everyone’s lives are miserably taxed at every step.

    I can only assume that the person is either ignorant about Zakat, cruel and unwilling to help the poverty-stricken, or otherwise too arrogant to open their eyes and their heart and educate themselves in order to respect alternate systems of life, the way they expect their own life to be tolerated on Earth.

    • And you have not seriously read any of the information in this blog if you believe that there is no element of taxation in zakat, or that zakat is only intended for poverty amelioration. Only three of the eight categories of people whom the Qur’an says are eligible to receive zakat could be characterized as poor.

      Moreover, 14 centuries of zakat has left Muslims as one of the poorest demographic groups on earth. It’s not succeeding at poverty reduction.

  6. Haha you’re so brainwashed. Those very same verses that you took (out of context of courses, they’re only intended for ***the soldier while he’s on the battlefield***, since i’m sure we all agree that for national security we don’t want cowards in our defense department, but people that are ready to make the leap when the general gives the commands) – but the funny part is – you ONLY pasted those parts of the verses that mention firmness. You purposely neglected to show the rest of the verses, didn’t you? The parts that clearly state that God loves peace more, and that those who do NOT want to fight, Kafir or not, they must be left in peace? Right there, in the same verses? I wonder why you’re so selective and biased in the way you post information? Don’t you feel guilty about deceiving people?

    Your own army is recorded for the most hideous of crimes in the countries where they have no right to be, and where noone was interested in inviting them. But women, children and even plants are not allowed to be touched according to the ethics of warfare in Islam. The only people allowed to be hurt are those who are male and those who WANT TO KILL. And that too, only after all attempts at peaceful dialogue have been completely exhausted, and after the opponent has already begun wasting the lives of innocent people. Also, ordinary civilians cannot randomly pick up arms and start hurting people. The verses you hand-picked (and carefully excluded the peaceful parts from) are specifically applicable to soldiers only, and only when a government has no choice and finds itself in a state of war, and must protect its innocent civilians (whether those civilians are Muslim or “Qafir”). Or wait a minute, maybe you DO think that the defense department of a nation must be filled with cowards, people who are unable to take a stand and eliminate the cause of unjustified trouble to its innocent civilians?

    Whatever it is, please stop deluding humanity, and if you’re a Christian, do yourself a favor and follow the teachings of the Christ, and be a little honest, please. The terror-mongering Islamophogic tactics you’re using have gotten very old.

    • We have cited exact sura & verse. Instead of the lengthy but vague condemnation you provide, feel free to post yourself any verses that you believe represent the peaceful and loving side of Islamic taxation.

      • Have you noticed that he’s been silent for 7 days so far?…

      • That’s seven days + 1 year!

  7. No wonder they never pay taxes in Europe (unless they are employed by kafirs)…

    • Yes, I think there actually is some truth to that–even within the Islamic world. When you add the burden of secular taxes on top of a religious tax, the total tax rate is pretty high. I theorize that the low tax collection rate in Pakistan, for example, is partly due to disgust of the population with Pakistan’s dual system of government operation taxes and mandatory zakat.

      • Cheating Muslims (and by God they are many!) have told judges in UK, for example, that evading tax is not a crime because it’s perfectly in accordance to Sharia. Always an excuse for everything. How convenient.

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