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AQIM urges Algerians to wage money jihad

January 31, 2012

In the jihadists’ latest salvo in the Arab Spring, al-Andalus Media, the public relations wing of Al Qaeda in North Africa (AQIM), has released a video message by Sheikh Abu Abdul Ilah Ahmed urging Algerians to rise up, fund, and fight against their government.

Unlike its Arab Spring neighbors, the Algerian government has managed to stave off the pressure to surrender to the Islamists.  AQIM hopes to reverse the government’s fortunes, and the Jan. 12 al-Andalus message called forgiving aid until we are ruled by the Sharia” in Algeria.

The video was geared to appeal to fervent, young Muslim men of Algeria, saying “O’ lions of the capital, Blida, Chlef, Médéa, Boumerdès, and Bouïra, this is your day go out to give support to your religion.”

The AQIM message reminded its audience of Koran 9:41, a favorite verse cited by jihadists when soliciting funds, which reads, “Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah!”

The video shows once again how inseparable Islamic law is from contemporary terrorist financing.


AQIM’s ransom gravy train

December 6, 2009

According to Algerian president Abelaziz Bouteflika, “ransoms are now the principal source of finance for terrorism.”  For the past two days this blog has focused on the increasing role of abduction and ransom-taking as a major component of jihadist revenues.  This article from Agence France Presse about kidnappings in North Africa drives home that point:

In the last year, kidnappings “have multiplied, and the situation has continuously deteriorated in the last five years,” Alain Antil, a researcher for the French Institute on International Relations (IFRI) said.

“Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb needs money (…) Other groups can snatch Westerners for them and hand them over. You get the impression it’s becoming a business in the (Sahel) region,” Antil explained.

AQIM “has grave financial problems and these kidnappings show a push to resolve this,” French Al-Qaeda specialist Jean-Pierre Filiu of the Paris Institute for Political Qtudies said.

“In times of difficulty (Al-Qaeda’s north African branch) becomes dangerous,” added the author of several books on Islamist extremism.

According to the coordinator of counterterrorism at the US State Department, Daniel Benjamin, AQIM “is financially strapped, particularly in Algeria, and unable to reach its recruiting goals.” Benjamin said that it was reliant on kidnapping Westerners.

AQIM have targeted tourists as well as aid workers.

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