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Anti-Israel play debuts in Atlanta

February 1, 2010

Tennis in Nablus,” a new play that opened this weekend at Atlanta’s Alliance Theater, celebrates the Arab revolt against Britain and Zionists in late 1930s Palestine.

As drama, the play is successful and even enjoyable.  As politics, “Tennis in Nablus” is trashy and offensive.  I’ve written a lengthy review of the play here at (under the moniker “Terminus”).  One striking element of the play, and the most relevant for our readers, is the character of Tariq, an Arab businessman in Palestine who starts off the play as a friendly partner to British and Jewish business and political class.

But after a painful journey of wrongful imprisonment in the dungeons of the British occupying force, Tariq is radicalized into becoming a supporter of the revolt and a bankroller of Palestinian terror.  In so doing, Tariq becomes a champion of the Arab street and the hero of the play.

The anti-Israel political message of “Tennis in Nablus” is one-sided and may be upsetting for Jewish audiences.  The glib celebration of financing the Arab revolt should be equally disturbing anybody concerned about money laundering and terrorist financing.