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Yemen’s Jews still forced to pay jizya

January 5, 2010

Due to the Christmas bomb plot of Flight 253 and the closure of a U.S. embassy, more Americans have a heightened awareness of the jihadist cesspool that is Yemen. 

While Yemen’s safe harbor for Al Qaeda is widely recognized, its discrimination against religious minorities hasn’t received as much ink yet.  Notably, a Sana’a University sociologist, Adel Al-Sharjabi, appears to be alone in identifying and calling for an end to the imposition of the jizya against Jews in Yemen.

Just last week, Prof. Al-Sharjabi indicated that the jizya is still being used as a bargaining chip against Yemeni Jews.

Adel Al-Sharjabi, another Professor of Sociology at Sana’a’ University, said that Jewish issues in Yemen shouldn’t be used as bargaining chips for political and social biddings. “We should relinquish the Jizyah as it should be imposed only when there is no state, such as when defense is the duty of the group and not the state,” said Al-Sharjabi. “Remaning [sic] under terms of the Jizyah in contemporary political terms is shameful.”

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