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Hosein’s latest anti-Semitic money lending rant

February 19, 2012

Imran Hosein, the renowned Trinidadian “Islamic philosopher,” has spoken out once again against what he says is a “factual” description of Jews as evil money lenders.  During a remote Feb. 8 Skype interview by an Albanian imam, Hosein praised William Shakespeare’s depiction of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, then said money lending by Jews is “evil, it is shameful, it is disgraceful, it is sinful” before calling for a “riba-free economy.”  Listen to this one-minute clip, in which Hosein returns to one of his other favorite themes—the condemnation of paper currencies:


Jaw-dropping candor on the money jihad

September 2, 2011

Just when we think we’ve seen the creepiest Muslim scholar talking about money and Islam, we find another.  This guy is the most cartoonish yet.  When he starts rubbing his face lamenting the “disappearance” of money which is becoming, “electronic impulses in machines in banks, machines without minds,” I thought he would accidentally pull off his glue-on beard.

Jokes aside, be especially sure to watch the final three minutes of the video, because that is where the speaker, Imran Nazar Hosein (a Trinidad-born Islamic “philosopher“) discusses the religious obligation of Muslims to use their money for jihad.

In the segment above,  Hosein also presents a wide-eyed conspiracy theory against “the European Jews” claiming, “it is not an uncharitable statement to make—it is a factual statement—that the European Jews control the banking system around the world.”

Why is this video relevant?  1)  It helps explain the Muslim psyche and their opposition to Western banking.  It isn’t just that Western banks charge interest, the hated riba of the Koran.  It isn’t just that the Koran tells them that infidels cannot be trusted with Muslim money.  It isn’t just that the West uses paper, fiat currencies and that Muslims are transfixed by gold.  All those points are extremely important, but add their neurotic hatred of Jews to the list of reasons they seek to destroy and replace the Western banking system with sharia.

2)  The video also explains, in a very straightforward fashion, the desire of Muslim leaders and believers to contribute money to the obligatory jihad.  Hosein says at one point, “Had this not been in the Qur’an, oh they would sue me.”  Indeed…


Aid to Palestinian territories dwarfs all others

August 5, 2011

The indefatigable Elder of Ziyon has created a startling graphic from Global Humanitarian Assistance Report data showing that per capita aid to Palestinian Arabs far exceeds that of any other top aid recipient country around the world. Remember, most of this aid comes from Europe and the United States. Much of the money is blown through the corruption of Palestinian Authority elites or is siphoned to Hamas.  From EoZ on July 21:

Humanitarian aid to Palestinian territories

Graph by Elder of Ziyon