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Arab Bank settles over terror finance damages

September 7, 2015

Jordan-based Arab Bank PLC has settled on an amount to pay in damages to the families of terror victims.  The bank was found liable in 2014 for helping process transactions for Hamas that facilitated terrorist attacks.  The amount of the settlement wasn’t disclosed, but Arab Bank previously offered $12 million in a deal rejected by the judge.

From The New York Times last month (h/t El Grillo):

Arab Bank Reaches Settlement in Suit Accusing It of Financing Terrorism

Three days before a first-of-its-kind damages trial was supposed to start, a Middle Eastern bank has reached a settlement with hundreds of American plaintiffs, including victims of terrorist attacks around Israel, who had filed a lawsuit against the bank accusing it of supporting terrorism.

A spokesman for the bank, Arab Bank, and a spokeswoman for one of the law firms representing the plaintiffs confirmed on Friday that an agreement had been reached but declined to offer additional details, including the amount of the settlement.

Last year, a jury in Federal District Court in Brooklyn found Arab Bank liable for financing terrorism by processing transactions for members of the militant Islamic group Hamas.

The second phase of the trial, assessing the damages Arab Bank would have to pay to some victims of attacks by Hamas, was scheduled to start on Monday.

All of the plaintiffs are American victims of Hamas attacks or relatives of people who were killed…


Obama allows trial but undermines terror finance case against Arab Bank

June 6, 2014

The Obama administration has asked the Supreme Court to turn away an appeal by Arab Bank involving rulings by a lower court.

The U.S. Solicitor General said that the terror financing case against Arab Bank can proceed to trial without its immediate appeal being heard, but essentially sabotaged such a trial by claiming that multiple errors were made in lower court rulings, including the failure to consider the foreign policy impact of the case with respect to Jordan. This argument gives Arab Bank the ammunition it will need for a future appeal if jurors find against the bank at trial.  The solicitor general’s position demonstrates the influence that the U.S. State Department, which sides with Arab Bank, has brought to bear.

Rather than equipping Arab Bank with a legal defense, the bank and Jordan should be held accountable for funding suicide bombers and conspiring to cover it up.

Read reports on the latest development in this case from the Jerusalem Post, New York Times, and Reuters (hat tip to Dr. Karolina Lula).