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Ayatollah amasses $95b in expropriated assets

November 27, 2013

Reuters has published a three-part report (hat tip to Sal) on how the Iranian agency Setad, purportedly an office administering unclaimed property, is actually a vessel for confiscating the assets of regime opponents, religious minorities, and emigrants.  Setad then auctions off those assets to make more money for the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Kai Ryssdal of the radio program Marketplace interviewed one of the Reuters reporters about the investigation.  Take a listen:


Khamenei’s bucks back Bashar’s brutality

August 9, 2011
The Ayatollah & Assad get closer

Khamenei bails out Assad

The top theocrat of Iran, the Shia “Ayatollah” Ali Khamenei, is set to give $9 billion in unconditional aid to prop up the regime of the Sunni Syrian dictator, Bashar “Butcher” Assad, according to a CNN iReport story:

Iran offers $9 Billion in financial aid to help prevent the fall of Assad in Syria

16 July 2011

These  funds are in addition to Iran’s daily exports of 290,000 FREE barrels  of oil to Syria.  Besides, at the onset of the uprising in Syria, by  direct orders of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a sum of $3 billion of Iranian  reserves in foreign banks were deposited in Bashar Assad’s personal  accounts abroad.

Green Experts of Iran report that Iran’s Supreme Leader had issued orders for  immediate and unconditional  financial aid to the tune of $9 Billion to be placed in Bashar Assad’s  disposal, for the express purpose of supporting the bloody crackdown  underway in Syria.

Based on incriminating documents, the  ensuing dismissal of the Vice President of Iran’s Central Bank’s  currency division purportedly resulted from his refusal to consent to  releasing such unusually large sums of cash to the representatives of  the Revolutionary Guards.

According to Green Experts of  Iran, following the political, military and intelligence support already  extended to Syria, Iran is planning to continue a steady injection of  cash totaling $9 billion into Bashar Assad’s accounts over the coming  months through the first 3 months of 2012.  This unconditional Aid is  above and beyond the 290,000 free barrels of oil exported daily to  Syria.  In addition to all this, at the first signs of the uprising in  Syria, Iran had bestowed Bashar Assad with the gift of  another $3 billion of its own  cash assets in foreign banks.

Based on more detailed  reports, approximately $2 billion of the promised $9 billion cash has so  far been packaged and delivered in bundles, to Damascus via Sepaah  (Revolutionary Guards)-owned aircrafts through airports in Tehran,  Isfahan and Shiraz.

The additional $5.8 Billion is set to  be delivered to Damascus by the end of 2011, as per directives issued by  the office of Ayatollah Khamenei, as well as another $3.2 Billion no  later than end of March 2011.

The current economic crisis  at home and enormous pressures on Iran’s economy were cited as the  reason for the delay in delivery!!

Ali Khamenei has also  ordered a steadfast and unwavering political, military and  economic support in all ways possible, for upholding Assad’s reign in  Syria and preventing the downfall of his regime.

Further  assessments of the situation by Green Experts of Iran indicate that,  aside from transfers of funds and military forces, key Iranian political  and intelligence figures are also providing Syria with potentially  viable solutions for the ever increasing social and political turmoil in  that country.

In the latest meeting of representatives of  both countries, the issue of efforts to create fissures among the  opposition leaders in Syria was addressed and Iranian officials promised  the financial support needed to persuade the opposition to meet and  dialogue with the Syrian government.

We can only hope  that these talks will not lead to further crackdown and the ultimate  crushing of the social and nationalistic movement in Syria.  For Iran,  however, they will undoubtedly lead to a loss of Billions of dollars of  national wealth, even more meager means for the people and a much deeper  economic crisis in the country…