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Egypt arrests 50, says Muslim Brotherhood funds Al Qaeda

December 5, 2013

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim says that Egypt has detained over 50 members of the Muslim Brotherhood including the brother of Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.  The detainees killed over 100 people in the last few months and their group is funding terrorists abroad, the minister said.

Part of the money that the Muslim Brotherhood collects is stolen or extorted from Coptic Christians after their loved ones have been kidnapped for exorbitant ransoms by the Brotherhood (see here and here).

The Muslim Brotherhood and its leaders claim to be non-violent, but they frequently turn around and fund violent, militant Sunni terrorist organizations.  Actions speak louder than words.

By Agence France Presse via News 24:

Muslim Brotherhood ‘financing terror’


Cairo – Egypt’s interior minister on Saturday announced the arrest of dozens of “extremists” and accused the Muslim Brotherhood of deposed president Mohamed Morsi of financing radical Islamists linked to al-Qaeda.

Mohamed Ibrahim told reporters security forces had arrested more than 50 members of “extremist groups” with ties to the network founded by Osama bin Laden and now led by his Egyptian successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

The minister said the suspects were connected with attacks on police and soldiers that have multiplied and killed more than 100 people since the army deposed Morsi on 3 July.

The Brotherhood “supports and massively finances from abroad numerous radical terrorists in several groups” that have since the summer “launched a series of terrorist acts seeking to sow terror”, Ibrahim said.

He said some of those held had been pardoned of offences during Morsi’s year-long rule, and that others were linked to jihadist groups Ansar Beit al-Maqdis in the Sinai and the Libya-based Ansar al-Sharia.

Ibrahim said that among them was Mohammed al-Zawahiri, brother of the al-Qaeda chief, who was detained in August after being freed in the 2011 revolt that ousted Hosni Mubarak.

Ibrahim said some of the arrests came after a failed attempt on his own life on September 5 when a suicide bomber attacked his convoy in Cairo.

He said others were detained after an 19 August attack killed 25 police in the Sinai – the deadliest in years in the arid desert peninsula.


Financial mischief: recommended reading

September 26, 2013
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Zawahiri wants Muslims to abduct Westerners

November 13, 2012

From Global Post on Oct. 27:

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is calling on Muslims to kidnap Westerners to exchange for imprisoned jihadists.

In an undated two-hour, two-part video posted on jihadist websites, al-Zawahiri urged for the abductions as part of a vow not to “spare any efforts” to free Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, reported CNN.

“God the great and almighty granted us success to capture the Jewish American Warren Weinstein,” al-Zawahiri said in the video posted Wednesday, according to CNN.

“We are seeking, by the help of God, to capture others and to incite Muslims to capture the citizens of the countries that are fighting Muslims in order to release our captives”…

Taking hostages in the name of jihad?  Where did Zawahiri ever get such a daffy idea?

Readers may recall previous Money Jihad coverage of Verse 4 of Sura 47 of the Koran, which reads, “When ye encounter the infidels, strike off their heads till ye have made a great slaughter among them, and of the rest make fast the fetters.  And afterwards let there either be free dismissals or ransomings, till the war hath laid down its burdens.”

The decision on whether to release or ransom the prisoner of war depends wholly on whatever will benefit Islam the most at the time.  As Robert Spencer pointed out in his “Blogging the Qur’an” series:

The same verse goes on to call for the taking of prisoners and allowing for “either generosity or ransom” of prisoners of war. This has been enshrined in Islamic law: ‘Umdat al-Salik, a manual of Islamic jurisprudence certified by Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected authority in Sunni Islam) as conforming “to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni community,” lays out four options for prisoners, in line with this verse: “When an adult male is taken captive, the caliph considers the interests … (of Islam and the Muslims) and decides between the prisoner’s death, slavery, release without paying anything, or ransoming himself in exchange for money or for a Muslim captive held by the enemy” (9.14).


Zawahiri emphasizes Bin Laden’s money jihad

June 18, 2012

Ayman al-Zawahiri, the current leader of Al Qaeda, has released a video playing up the “generous” side of Osama bin Laden.  Zawahiri claims that Bin Laden “spent all his money for jihad.”

Zawahiri uses this Bin Laden fairy tale in order to convince Islamist businessmen to ante up the same way Osama supposedly did.  What’s really happening is that Zawahiri is running into the same cash flow problems as his predecessor.

When he first took command of Al Qaeda, Zawahiri didn’t say much about money.  Now it’s one of his favorite themes.  Accumulating money is one of Zawahiri’s most important means of staying relevant.  In his last few messages, Zawahiri has encouraged Muslims to give their money to support the jihadists involved with Islamist uprisings of the Arab Spring.

In this latest message, Zawahiri claims that Bin Laden used his personal wealth to fund the 9/11 terror attacks—a claim discredited by the 9/11 Commission which found that Al Qaeda was funded “almost entirely” by zakat and sadaqa (donations beyond the 2½ zakat rate).  From the 9/11 Commission Report:

Bin Ladin did not fund al Qaeda through a personal fortune and a network of businesses in Sudan.  Instead, al Qaeda relied primarily on a fund-raising network developed over time.  The CIA now estimates that it cost al Qaeda about $30 million per year to sustain its activities before 9/11 and that this money was raised almost entirely through donations.


2011: Al Qaeda funding comes full circle

January 4, 2012

Osama bin Laden made several public fundraising appeals in his lifetime.  He let his followers falsely believe that he used his family’s vast wealth to support jihad, but  the truth was that Al Qaeda relied on wealthy Arab donors from the Gulf to fund operations like the 9/11 terror attacks.

Bin Laden thought about money right up to the end, and he had taken steps after major floods in Pakistan to exploit the crisis by appealing for the creation of a relief committee with “huge” funding.  He declared in 2010 that “the financial capabilities in the Arabian Peninsula are the Muslims’ money, and it is the oil of Muslims for Muslims, but,” he lamented, “the reality is that some of it is being used without rights and is being spent in the wrong places.” In other words, Arab millionaires were no longer donating enough money to Al Qaeda or Islamic militants in Asia.

The pretext of the floods also prompted Bin Laden to call for an approach that would include Muslim management experts, massive amounts of money, and a fleet of volunteer groups along the lines of a Red Crescent or Islamic Crescent on steroids.  Some analysts, myself included, believed this was a signal of Bin Laden’s intent to re-brand Al Qaeda as an organization with dual purposes of jihad and “humanitarian” relief for Muslims.  Bin Laden concluded that “we need a big, great transformation in the method of relief work.”  Moreover, “mobilization shouldn’t only be to give quick sentimental aid, but to form a distinguished relief committee…”

His successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri, initially seemed somewhat indifferent to Bin Laden’s new strategic focus in his public messages.

And when Bin Laden died, Zawahiri’s statements during the summer focused mostly on the martyrdom of Bin Laden, the opportunity to introduce sharia law in the countries that ousted leaders during the Arab Spring, and typical rants against Israel.  He made no direct fundraising appeals for Al Qaeda and didn’t encourage any relief work on behalf of Muslims.

That changed in Zawahiri’s statement on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11, which included his most direct financial appeal since bin Laden died.

Zawahiri remarked “I would like to encourage the benevolent Muslims to begin aiding their brothers in Somalia as much as they can” and that “The benevolent people must spend it for the cause of Allah before they depart with it.”  He said “I also incite the rich people who are dedicated to supporting Islam to go forth and take advantage of the current openness in Tunisia and Egypt in order to establish new media podiums that advocate the righteous doctrine and Islam.”

He continued by saying that the uprising in Egypt “requires loyal men who would sacrifice their souls and money for the cause of Allah.”

Zawahiri evoked the same language of the Hadith and Bin Laden by adding, “Each zealous Muslim should sacrifice his soul, money, time and efforts so the Sharia could become the ruler not the ruled.”

To reinforce the message, Zawahiri eulogized Bin Laden for living “a lifetime full of Jihad with soul and money, and resistance, migration and brutalizing the enemies of Muslims,” claiming that Bin Laden had refused a 1990s Saudi offer to unfreeze Osama’s bank accounts he would swear allegiance to King Fahd.

But Zawahiri has not confined his fundraising message to Muslim donations for the Islamists of the Arab Spring.

Somewhat surprisingly, what Bin Laden only talked about in terms of relief work, Zawahiri actually began putting into effect in 2011 by sending an Al Qaeda emissary named Abu Abdulla Almuhajir on a public relations “charitable” stunt to distribute hijabs, Korans, and food in Somalia in 2011.

Almuhajir praised Bin Laden and Zawahiri during his al-Shabaab hosted visit, and urged Muslims around the world to wage jihad with their wealth:  “We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage Muslims all around the world, to come to the assistance of their brothers and sisters in Somalia, and it is obligatory on every Muslim to assist their needy brother and sisters.”

Al Qaeda to some degree has determined they need to wage their own campaign to win the hearts and minds of impoverished or hungry Muslims.  During 2011, Zawahiri focused mostly on his favorite theme—the eviction of “apostate” leaders from their seats of power in Islamic countries—but he also seems to have the organizational skills to have begun launching the supposed charity or relief-oriented wing of Al Qaeda that Bin Laden only dreamed of.


Al Qaeda audio seeks money in English

October 23, 2011

Remember this post from last year about Osama bin Laden’s desire to establish a global Islamic (front) charity and relief organization?

At the time, Money Jihad urged the U.S. Treasury Department to be vigilant for any signs of bin Laden’s dangerous idea becoming a reality.

Now it looks as though bin Laden’s dying wish may become true.  Abu Abdulla Almuhajir, a Muslim who once lived in the U.S., is reported to have delivered food aid, hijabs, and Korans from al Qaeda to Somalia, in mid-October.

He also delivered an audio statement seeking “obligatory” assistance from Muslims around the world.  Mimicking the language of the Koran, the Hadith, and bin Laden himself about striving with one’s wealth for jihad, Almuhajir told the Somalis, “In addition to sacrificing his wealth and his life in the path of Allah though waging Jihad, the Sheikh [Osama bin Laden] greatly emphasised the importance of Muslims supporting each other…”  Somali War Monitor provides a transcription of the full statement, but here’s the most salient excerpt along with Almuhajir in his own voice:

In addition to sacrificing his wealth and his life in the path of Allah though waging Jihad, the Sheikh greatly emphasised the importance of Muslims supporting each other, and he brought attention to the dilemmas affecting Muslims around the world. The most recent example of which is, the major flood that affected the millions Muslims in Pakistan, and today with graceful departure of our beloved sheikh and that beacon of Tawheed (monotheism) May Allah have mercy upon him, Al-Qaeda under the leadership of Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri may Allah protect him, continuously highlights the plight of the Ummah and continuously supports them with every means at their disposal.

In a recent release Sheikh Ayman brought the drought in Somalia to the attention of the Muslim Ummah and encouraged to support their brothers in Somalia, and insha’allah (Allah willing) with this message some of what your brothers in Al-Qaeda have been able to gather will be distributed to our brothers and sisters, to our families in the land of the two migrations.

We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage Muslims all around the world, to come to the assistance of their brothers and sisters in Somalia, and it is obligatory on every Muslim to assist their needy brother and sisters…

The fund-raising appeal to all Muslims around the world delivered in English with an American accent probably suggests Al Qaeda’s desire to solicit zakat from Muslims in the United States.

Referring to the leadership of Al Qaeda, a spokesman for al-Shabaab accompanying Almuhajir also said, “they previously spoke of aiding muslims… and today they make good upon that which they preached since it is also the conclusion of their drought campaign,” referring to flood relief in Pakistan.  Indeed.

Is Washington, D.C., paying attention to this shift in Al Qaeda’s public relations strategy to fulfill their global relief pledge?  Mind you, Al Qaeda’s core mission of killing infidels remains unchanged, but seeking a “charitable” cover could become a central part of Al Qaeda’s effort to dupe people into defending the organization the same way that gullible Westerners defend Hamas and Hezbollah.


Bin Laden counted dinars to the end

July 10, 2011
Angrily counting the money

With apologies to Mr. Magoo...

Rarely distracted by five wives or a busy terror schedule, Bin Laden remained focused up through his final days on recounting the money.

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A familiar feeling for Zawahiri

May 6, 2011

New al Qaeda chief needs a new sugar daddy

Zawahiri finger point turban black rat hands up

Zawahiri and a rat test the winds

Ayman al-Zawahiri, longtime second banana to Osama bin Laden, is Al Qaeda’s new leader. Zawahiri started out his jihadist career by conspiring in the 1981 assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat. Later he tried to kill Hosni Mubarak, too, but failed.

Frustrated by his own lack of progress against the “apostate” government of Egypt, and with his Egyptian Islamic Jihad group quickly going broke, Zawahiri needed a benefactor. The man he found was Osama bin Laden.

According to the Encyclopedia of the Middle East, “Egyptian Islamic Jihad became increasingly dependent on al-Qaeda. Most of its members were reportedly on the Al-Qaeda payroll. Zawahiri explained to an assistant that joining with Osama Bin Laden was the only way to keep the group afloat.” Zawahiri delivered organization skills and practical ideas while bin Laden provided charisma and the money Zawahiri so desperately needed. The two joined forces in the 1990s.

Zawahiri has been up against the ropes before. The way out he found was to hook up with a rich young man. Most rats have exceptional spatial memory, knowing exactly where to return to get their food.

One associate of Zawahiri and bin Laden predicts Al Qaeda will become even more extremist under Zawahiri’s leadership. According to Agence France Presse on May 4:

“The Americans have killed Osama bin Laden, giving a perfect excuse to Zawahiri, who is more extremist, to carry out revenge acts,” Huthaifa, 41, son of Abdullah Azzam, a mentor of bin Laden, told AFP in an interview.

“Bin Laden stopped controlling Al-Qaeda years ago, and the organisation fell into the iron fist of Egyptian Zawahiri. Bin Laden’s son, Omar, told me that before he decided to return to his country Saudi Arabia.”

They say that Zawahiri is hiding in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also said that about bin Laden before they told us he wasn’t in a mountain cave at all, but living it up in a mansion in Islamabad’s suburbs.

Most rats go where the cheese is. Most of the cheese is on the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf. Zawahiri could be anywhere, but when we’re in a panic, we revert to form. It’s just speculation, but Zawahiri may on the run trying to find a new rich young man from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, or Oman.