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Zakat used in Ethiopia to bribe Christians to Islam

April 8, 2012

Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian nations on Earth, is under assault by foreign Wahhabi elements dropping money and incentives to lure local impoverished Christians to Islam.  In this video, the archbishop of Addis Ababa describes the problem, which he characterizes as proselytism to Islam “by financial means”:

H/t to the eceProject for uploading the original video last year.  The archbishop also explains the desire of the Wahhabis to impose sharia law on Ethiopia.


Essa Nagri Christians pay jizya at gunpoint

March 28, 2012

Don’t believe the lies from the Muslim apologists who claim that the jizya hasn’t been imposed since the 1800s.  The jizya humiliation tax is imposed today in locations from Egypt to the Philippines with government approval.  From the British Pakistani Christian Association on Mar. 25:

Jizya Tax imposed on Christians in Essa Nagri, Karachi.

Essa Nagri is a densly populated Christian community in Karachi. The total population of Essa Nagri is said to be close to 50,000 men, women and children.

Christians living there suffer great poverty, however, they are strong believers and church attendance is very good.  Essa nagri is served by over 15 established churches of varying denominations; Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Pakistan, Philadelphia Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army.  In addition to this many other large and small Ministries are also working in Essa Nagri.

During the last six months, Essa Nagri people have been subjected to increasing attacks from local Islamic militants. The militants are entering Essa Nagri with guns, machine guns, pistols and other modern weapons.  They enter the Christian colony and loot the community.  Incidents include; snatching mobile phones, obtaining Jizya tax (Islamic religious tax for protection of minorities) under duress – often at gun point and violent attacks on innocent victims simply for fun.  As they leave they celebrate their haul by firing their guns in the air and whooping!  This is causing significant fear in the local community…

And those jizya payments are funneled right back into the grand jihad.

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Muslim charity asks us for money to help “to fight Christians”

June 20, 2011

As we’ve noted before, Money Jihad blog receives demands for zakat from Muslims all over the world from direct emails or from comments submitted on Money Jihad posts.  (See this old post for for a dozen examples of “zakat spam” we’ve intentionally left un-deleted.) 

These requests are laughable to anybody who is actually familiar with the content of this blog.  As an anti-poverty program, zakat has an abysmal record.  As a terrorist financing method, zakat has been wildly successful.  This blog donating a single penny in zakat would be as absurd as saying that Islam is a religion of peace.

This message we received through “Contact us” from an entity purporting to be “Islamic Relief Aid Uganda” is also absurd, laughable, and disturbing.  Their IP address corresponds to Kampala, Uganda.

Name: Islamic Relief Aid Uganda
Message: Assalamu alaikum Brothers
This is an Email from Islamic Relief Aid Uganda.we need to fight Christians who want to take over our land in Northern Uganda,we are requesting for Money Jihad Brothers to help us fight the Christians get out of our land and this will require publication of materials to be distributed to all Mosques.
We Officially submit this application as United 220 Mosques Leaders for request of Support USD 8,000 to buy a Printing Holy Quran Machine and Printing Papers.
We appeal to Money Jihad Administration and the Director for support.We look forward for response in Names of Allah.
The Bank Account is available on request
> Time: Sunday June 12, 2011 at 3:38 am
> IP Address:


Governor demands cash to spare church

March 8, 2011

A Muslim governor in Egypt has vowed to demolish a Christian center in Minya for people with disabilities.  His reason?  The Christians “stopped giving bribes.”  The modus operandi is clear.  The Muslim establishment demands money in exchange for granting “protection,” and at best, “protection” means allowing non-Muslims to survive as marginalized, harassed, second-class dhimmis.

The article doesn’t use the word “jizya,” only perhaps because the governor demanded a lump sum from the community rather than an individual poll tax on each Christian head.  This story is further evidence that the jizya is imposed in the Islamic world not just by terrorist organizations, warlords, and robbers, but by governments too.  From AINA on Mar. 2 (h/t RoP):

(AINA) — Christian Copts staged a massive demonstration on Monday, February 28, against the Governor of Minya Ahmed Dia-el-Din, calling for his resignation. The demonstration was prompted by the governor’s decision to demolish a church community center for the care of the handicapped, located in the village of Deir Barsha, in Mallawi, Minya Governorate.

Over 10,000 demonstrators, mainly from the village of Deir Barsha, were joined by Copts from the neighboring village of Deir Heness. They marched to the local council in Deir Barsha, holding slogans calling on the governor to resign and chanted “Go, go after your master [Mubarak]” and “We stopped giving bribes, so now you want to demolish the center.”

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Strive with your wealth against Christian-Shiite axis

February 9, 2011

Al Qaeda has a message for Sunnis in Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen:  “Buy weapons, even if it costs a lot, to protect your religion, your lives and your honour.”  This is a persistent theme of Islam, to go forth light or heavy armed and to strive with your wealth against the infidel (Koran 9:41).  The concept of risking your money along with your life in order to wage successful jihad is the very essence of the money jihad.  This time Al Jihad bi-al-Mal takes place against the Christians-Shia “conspiracy.”

From Asia News on Jan. 29 (h/t Gov):

Baghdad (AsiaNews / Agencies) – An “alliance” between Christians and Shiites against Sunnis. This is the claim carried in an audiotape released yesterday evening by al Qaida, which claims that there is an anti-Sunni agreement between the U.S. and Iran. The affirmation of the terrorist movement sees “a confirmation” of the conspiracy in last month’s meeting in Yemen between U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and former foreign minister of Iran, Manouchehr Mottaki, in the “Manama Dialogue “on security on the Arabian Peninsula.

In reality, especially in Iraq, Shiite and Christian communities are the targets of terrorist attacks linked to al Qaida and its not uncommon to see images of Jesus and the father of Shiism, Imam Hussein side by side.  Such was the case during the Christmas period and again during a call from religious leaders inviting Christians not to leave the country.

The message of al-Qaida urges Sunnis to “pay attention to the massacres” that “happen in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, while you are unarmed.” “Take up your weapons and prepare yourselves before it is too late.” “Buy weapons, even if it costs a lot, to protect your religion, your lives and your honour.”


‘Tis the season!

November 28, 2010

Last year, this essay on the different approaches of Jesus and Muhammad toward taxation became one of the more widely read posts on Money Jihad.  Since then we’ve done some tinkering and managed to covert it from an essay into this new, short video:

Please take a look, share with friends this holiday season, and contact us with any feedback.  Have a blessed Advent!


An Easter reprise

April 4, 2010
Christ or Muhammad

Christus oder Muhammed

It’s the perfect day to resurrect one of our most popular posts from the archives of Money Jihad.

Jesus sought to save everybody, including tax collectors like Matthew, from their sinful occupations and lives.  Muhammad was far more focused on the temporal world–waging war, forming a government, and yes, taxing Muslims and non-Muslims.

So please take a look at my old essay, “Jesus the tax reformer. Muhammad the tax collector” today.

If the essay is too long for your tastes, just remember that Jesus:

  • saved Matthew from the sin endemic to tax collection at the time
  • allowed taxes to be paid to Caesar, but never took tax money himself
  • never announced any new taxes or levied any tax rates

Meanwhile, Muhammad:

  • announced the zakat and jizya taxes in Koran
  • established tax rates for the zakat and ushr in the Hadith
  • appraised property to assess its taxable value
  • supervised collections of the zakat and jizya
  • personally received tax revenues

As commenter Kepha said, the two men were as different as night and day!  And hat tip to’s Muhammad Image Archive where I first saw the book cover above.