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Somali remittances aid the enemy

June 10, 2012

Somali immigrants in Denmark are transferring millions if not billions of kroner back to their home country.  Leaving aside the fact that much of the money they’re wiring home originates from Danish welfare programs, the even bigger problem is that 10 to 20 million “are transferred to terrorists.”

You see, some of the remittances go directly to the terrorist jihadist organization al-Shabaab.  Even in the best case, the immigrants send the funds back home to their families whereupon it is stolen through non-governmental taxes imposed by the Koran and enforced by al-Shabaab.

This is why banks and wire services should cease from allowing any remittances to Somalia (or to the U.A.E. as a third-party handler of wires or hawala to Somalia), as banks in Minnesota have done out of concern for the excessive risk of terrorist financing involved in such transactions.

Thanks to Jihad Watch:

Every day an average of between 27,000 and 55,000 Danish kroner (4,500 – 9,000 USD) is sent to terrorist organizations abroad, according to the Police Intelligence Service (PET). The donors do not necessarily know that they finance terror.

“It is not easy to find the exact amount of money spent on financing terrorism in Denmark, but it is PET’s assessment that 10-20 million Danish kroners are transferred to terrorists annually. PET is working together with other authorities to address the transfer of funds to terrorism,” said the head of PET, Jakob Scharf.

Jyllands-Posten recently described how Somali immigrants send large sums out of Denmark every year. … Danish authorities have determined that 1.4 billion kroner (233 million USD) are sent from Somalis in Denmark to Dubai, from which the money is probably sent to Somalia.