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Sudan earns another year of sanctions

November 14, 2012

U.S. sanctions on Sudan began when the country defaulted on its debts, underwent a military coup, and began hosting terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.  The sanctions have expanded over the years, and have just been renewed for at least one more year, but Sudan’s support for terrorism has played a decreasing role in America’s policy.

With less visible Sudanese sponsorship of terrorism, why do the sanctions persist?

In its announcement of the sanctions renewal, the U.S. State Department blandly refers to an “ongoing conflict,” in Sudan, while Reuters cites unspecified “clashes” between the government and rebels.

Neither mentions the ethnic and religious origins of the predominantly Arab Sudanese government’s genocide against black Sudanese.  The generic sounding “clashes” are attacks by ethnic Arab government-backed militia forces against predominantly black Muslim, but also Christians, residents of Darfur.

As Hugh Fitzgerald once wrote in reference to Sudan, “Osama Bin Laden and his Arabs famously treated the Afghani Muslims with indifference, or contempt. The Arabs, after all, are the ‘best of peoples’ to whom the Qur’an was given, and — so Muslims believe — in Arabic;” and criticized news reporters for failing to “to make a connection between the massacres of Kurds by Arabs in Iraq, and the cultural and linguistic imperialism of the Arabs directed at the Berbers in Algeria, and what is happening in Darfur.”

While economic sanctions rarely succeed in achieving the desired results, Sudan has only itself to blame for the sanctions regime.  One of the conditions for lifting sanctions—allowing independence for South Sudan—has been met, but Sudan itself has failed to live up to the other conditions by continuing to arm, fund, and support the Arab supremacist genocide against its own citizens.


Archbishop of Baghdad confirms that Iraqi Christians pay jizya

December 14, 2011

This corroborates with the findings of the U.S. State Department in its annual reports on international religious freedom.  Far from being a dead tax of caliphates past, the jizya remains alive against Sikhs in Pakistan, Copts in Egypt, Jews in Yemen, the Greek Orthodox in Cyprus, and yes, Christians in Iraq.  From Catholic World News on Dec. 12:

Baghdad: some Christians reduced to dhimmitude

The Latin Rite archbishop of Baghdad says that some Christians have been reduced to dhimmitude and are being forced to pay the jizya, a special tax that permits them to practice their faith.

Christians are “helplessly witnessing crime, mafia, or militia,” says Archbishop Jean Benjamin Sleiman, who told Aid to the Church in Need that Christmas Mass will be “celebrated during the day, for safety reasons. It will be a Christmas between fear and sturdy faith.”

The prelate called upon the international community to support Iraq’s government “so that Iraq once again becomes a [place of] rule of law.”

Similar but more detailed coverage is available at Independent Catholic News about Iraq’s Christians being “under siege.”


Rejoice, rejoice, oh Christian

October 6, 2011
Secretariat General for EU Affairs

Turkish gov't building on seized Greek Orthodox property

Good news for Christians and Jews in Turkey.  Turkish Prime Minister Ergodan says that properties seized by Turkish authorities from religious minorities in the early 20th Century will finally be returned.  (Of course, Christian and Jewish lands remain subject to discriminatory property tax treatment relative to Muslim owned land under sharia law, but let’s leave that to the side and enjoy a rare example of good news for the region.)  From Mission Network News, h/t RoP:

Turkey (MNN) ― In the last days of August, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey would relinquish all properties or current property values to Christians and Jews who had had land confiscated 75 years ago.

Turkey has long been a difficult place for Christians to live. While persecution is not nearly as prevalent as in many neighboring countries, believers remain a small minority in the Muslim nation, and they have often been treated as second class citizens.

A prime example of these injustices was in 1936, when, Compass Direct reports, the Turkish government officially registered an incomplete list of minority properties. Hundreds of properties were confiscated from Christian and Jewish communities, some sold to third parties, others used for various offices…

The question is, can this important and positive step be replicated in other Islamic countries?  Can other Middle Eastern countries be brought around to return property to religious minorities?  Yes and no.  Turkey may be doing this to avoid fines by the European Union and to obtain full EU membership.

The U.S. and Europe have a lot of leverage at their disposal if they chooses to use it.  The Western business presence, foreign aid, and remittances by immigrants living in the West all present substantial windfalls for ruling Middle East elites.  All this money can be conditioned on those countries meeting certain terms if we’re willing to lay them out and follow through on our word.

Using the millennium challenge accounts can also help countries meet specific objectives in order to qualify for U.S. aid.

This doesn’t mean that we invite Saudi Arabia into NATO if King Abdullah lets some Christians build a church.  What it means is that we use existing international and financial ties and the threat of their removal to achieve specific outcomes in behalf of the Middle East’s suffering non-Muslim populations.


U.K. tax break for Muslims & Muslim posers

April 1, 2011

If you’re a Muslim, a new Muslim convert, or you’re willing to pose as a Muslim, you can obtain a valuable tax break when buying a house in the U.K. 

British homebuyers normally pay a stamp tax at the time of purchase.  However, if the property is immediately resold, the buyer is exempt from the tax.  This loophole was designed by the Labour party in 2005, which enabled Muslims to avoid the “evil” of paying home mortgage loan interest by selling their property to a company that then leases the property back to the Muslim occupant.  No interest is paid and no stamp tax is paid. 

Now, to the dismay of some British officials, the loophole is being exploited by those willing to behave like Muslims.  From the Daily Express on Mar. 21, with a hat tip to Islam versus Europe:

SHARIA law is being used by house buyers posing as Muslims to dodge stamp duty, it was revealed yesterday.

A scheme, brought in by Labour in 2005, allows followers of Islam to buy property without paying the tax.

Paying interest is banned under Sharia law, so Muslims are allowed to buy a house and then sell it on to an offshore financial company.

They then lease the house from the company instead of taking out a mortgage, which would include interest payments. Stamp duty, which is applicable to all properties worth £125,000 and over, does not have to be paid on properties which are immediately sold on.

But the loophole, which costs the Treasury £40million a year, is now being used by some who pretend to be Muslim.

Sultan Choudhury, from the UK Islamic Finance Secretariat, said: “It was certainly not envisaged that some tax advisers would manipulate the legislation on behalf of their clients to avoid paying stamp duty at all.”

Although it may not have been the intent, the policy is in harmony with Islamic tax law, which consistently requires preferential tax treatment of Muslims and inferior tax treatment for non-Muslims.


Politician opens eyes, sees zakat unfairness

March 31, 2011

Malaysians pay income tax.  Muslim Malaysian taxpayers receive a zakat “rebate” for being Muslim.  Non-Muslims receive no such rebate.  This is in accordance with Islamic law which forbids non-Muslims from receiving zakat.  This concept is so deeply ingrained within Islamic thought that when a politician simply observes that it is unfair to give Muslim Malaysians a rebate that non-Muslims do not receive, that observation makes the news.  From Malaysia Kini on Mar. 4:

The current tax policy is unfair as proceeds from zakat, an Islamic tax, is used exclusively for the development of Muslims through the building of mosques and other amenities, said senator S Ramakrishnan.

The senator, who is also an accounting lecturer, called on the government to be fair to all Malaysians by giving non-Muslims a similar tax rebate like zakat.

Ramakrishnan urged the government to amend the tax legislation so that Malaysians of all religions are treated fairly in the spirit of ‘1Malaysia’ when computing their income tax…

Malaysia is also well-known for its jizya-inspired discriminatory bumiputra tax system.


Your money and your sons

January 23, 2011

How Ottomans taxed Christian Bosnians

Lee Jay Walker offered up an alternative historical explanation of the conflict in the Balkans via the Pakistan Christian Post on Wednesday.  The Christians in Bosnia were long-suffering victims of the Muslim Ottoman tax system including the wicked devshirme and the jizya.

The hidden “Islamic jihad” and dimensions of Bosnia have been ignored prior to the conflict, during the civil war in the early 1990s, and afterwards. This misrepresentation of reality meant that thousands of Islamists from all over the world were aided by so-called democratic powers and the role of the mass media and many leading academics served the ambitions of Al-Qa’ida and other outside powers. Therefore, what is the reality of Bosnia and why is it claimed that all communities resided in peace and tranquility?

According to many naïve Western commentators Bosnia was a tranquil reality where Muslims and Christians lived happily together for many centuries. Not only this, the Western rhetoric claimed that in modern times it was the Muslim leadership in Bosnia which was open-minded, democratic, modernist, and which desired to maintain a multi-cultural and multi-religious society.

The truth could not have been further and Western commentators and academics are clearly glossing over reality because the Ottoman Empire was not based on enlightenment. On the contrary, the Islamization of Bosnia was paid by the blood of Christians and the slavery and forced conversions of young Christian boys who were forcibly converted to Islam via the barbaric devshirme system.

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A Mother’s Day sucker punch: Winners and losers in the Islamic tax game

May 9, 2010

Not descended from Muhammad?  Sorry, you are not entitled to receive the khums, the 20 percent tax on profits honored by Shia Muslims.  (Beneficiaries of khums revenues are described here.)

Oh wait, you say you are his descendent?  Well in that case, we’ll be happy to transfer our wealth to you via the khums.

Uh oh.  We seem to have a little problem…  You didn’t mention that you were only a descendant of Muhammad through your mom.  You need to be a descendant through your father in order to receive any benefit.

This “wisdom” of the Shia comes to us from the “Al Qaem Youth Society” at on Apr. 30:

Remember, this advice is not meant for non Fatemi ‘Sadat’ though being Hashemi they also deserve respect but they are not family members of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.). Whenever in doubt, be cautious. Of course, those who are sayyed from mother’s side also deserve respect because they are children of the daughter. Imam Hasan (a.s.) and Imam Husain (a.s.) are prophet’s children because of this relation. People with this type of relations are not entitled to ‘Khums’. According to one reliable tradition from Jamad bin Isa, only those who are sayyed from father’s side are entitled ‘Khums’. Otherwise, they are equal as far respect is concerned. Both should be respected.

Thanks, Islam, for carving up humanity into different classes for eternal discrimination through the jizya against non-Muslims, through the kharaj against non-Arabs, and no khums benefits for non-descendants of Muhammad or his descendants via mothers. 

Happy Mother’s Day!