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Charities in Europe “hijacked” by terrorists

September 23, 2010

Europol says that more money than ever is being donated to Islamic charities and being used to finance terrorism.  The Daily Express says the public is being “duped” and that the charities are being “hijacked.”  But how can it be a “hijacking” when one of the Koran’s stated purposes of zakat is for fighting in the cause of Allah?

Or perhaps the Daily Express means that secular and Christian Europeans are making donations in zakat drop boxes because they actually think that their money will go towards causes like Pakistani flood relief, Palestinian orphans, and poverty reduction in the third world.

At least the news is a somewhat encouraging sign that Europe is acknowledging the problem.


Sunday September 5, 2010

By Ted Jeory

UNSUSPECTING members of the public are being duped into donating cash to charities that are fronts for terror groups.

Europol, an arm of the European Union that gathers information from national police forces, says “substantial” amounts of money innocently donated to apparently good causes is ending up in the pockets of terrorists.

Even raffles are being used to con people, Europol believes.

It is also highlighting an increasing trend by terrorists to use women. A spokesman for Europol told the Sunday Express: “Women are involved in propaganda, support and financial activities. Men are more likely to be involved in actually perpetrating violence.

“Women are also used as cash couriers and they sometimes smuggle documents and take care of administrative matters.”

In a report detailing trends in terrorism and extremism in the EU, Europol says Britain is the number one target for terrorists.

It identifies Islamic extremism as the biggest threat, with the growing power of radical youth groups of particular concern.

In trying to combat the threat, EU police forces want to cut the lifeline of illegal funds, which also come from organised crime. The EU Terrorism report for 2010 says: “Illegal sources for the financing of terrorism cover a wide range of criminal activities including fraud, counterfeit products, drug smuggling, kidnapping, human trafficking and extortion.

“Alongside criminal activities, funds can also be derived from legitimate sources. Charitable organisations continue to be misused by individuals who misappropriate voluntary contributions destined for genuine purposes to fund terrorist activities.”

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