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Hamas financing news: recommended reading

November 14, 2013
  • Viva Palestina, the British “charity” that raised funds for Hamas, has been removed from the UK Charity Commission’s registry charities due to apparent inactivity… more>>
  • Auditors says billions of euros sent to the West Bank and Gaza have been wasted, stolen, or cannot be accounted for—so why not send even more?  Oy vey!
  • Talk is cheap.  The UK Charity Commission thunders in public about cracking down on terrorist front charities, but behind the scenes they’re letting groups like Interpal fund Hamas with impunity… more>>
  • Hamas’s Khaled Meshaal experiments with speed dating—after a first a surprise tête-à-tête to seek financial aid from Erdogan in Turkey, Meshaal plans on a visit with the mullahs in Tehran to discuss the same.  Who will win the rose?  More>>

Link teases

June 9, 2011

• Welcome to America. Yes of course you can continue funding the Iraq insurgency from your new home in Bowling Green… more>>

• Having worked in Muslim Bengal under the British raj, Dr. Mookerjee knew what the future held for India’s Hindus: conversions, jizya, or death… more>>

• Brother Galloway, so good of you to come to Beirut to meet with us! Your check can be made out to Palestinian Islamic Jihadmore>>

• The pusher is dead. The addict is in withdrawals. The end of bin Laden could force Abu Sayyaf into rehab… more>>

• With enough “ransom, tribute, or baksheesh,” jihadi piracy could create a maritime calamity. Think USS Cole meets Exxon Valdez… more>>


Viva Palestina: the next Holy Land Foundation?

October 28, 2010

The Holy Land Foundation trial centered on HLF’s illegal funneling of money from the United States to Hamas.  Muslim Americans are rightfully sitting behind bars for their crimes in the HLF case.  But another organization—Viva Palestina US—seems to be getting away with strikingly similar activities today with impunity.

The back story

The Investigative Project on Terrorism released a report earlier this year on Viva Palestina, a Hamas front group launched by the notorious George Galloway.  IPT finds that Viva Palestina, “and its American affiliate, Viva Palestina US, claim to be involved in providing humanitarian donations to the Palestinian people. The operations of these two connected organizations, however, are clearly political in nature and have provided material and propaganda support to Hamas, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO).”

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