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Ground Zero Mosque seeks tax-funded grant

October 2, 2011

During their Aug. 30 broadcast, the fellows at Radio Jihad discussed Dick Morris’s revelation on the Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly program that the Ground Zero Mosque, lately known as “Park 51,” is seeking $5 million in federal grant money from the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation

Take a listen to this four-minute clip of host Vito Esposito tackling the issue:

Dick Morris’s website allows opponents to sign a petition against federal grant funding for Park 51.


GZM financier charged with insurance fraud

August 30, 2011

Anwar al-Awlaki has urged Muslims living in the West to participate in the money jihad by stealing, scamming, and taking advantage of whatever financial benefits they could extract from their host nations.  Specifcally, Al-Awlaki says that taking money from disbelievers is the “best and purest form of income” and quoting a Hanafi scholar, that stealing from people in the dar al-harb “is considered mubah (permitted) just like hunting or wood gathering.”

A primary financier behind the Ground Zero Mosque turns out to have done something like what al-Awlaki recommends.  Hisham Elzanaty apparently raked in $5 million by orchestrating a network of fake companies and clinics to submit bogus car insurance claims.

Many thanks to Sadie for sending this in:

Allstate has become the latest insurance company to accuse Hisham Elzanaty, one of the money men behind the so-called Ground Zero mosque development, of orchestrating a “highly developed and sophisticated kickback scheme” that allegedly reaped more than $5 million for Elzanaty and others. State Farm and Geico have also lodged similar allegations against Elzanaty.

According to Allstate’s complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Elzanaty and several others allegedly conspired with a licensed medical doctor to incorporate four professional service corporations and set up a scheme that took advantage of New York’s no-fault automobile insurance laws.

The complaint said the bills generated by the doctor, Jadwiga Pawlowski, were submitted to and paid by Allstate. However, Allstate argues the “lion’s share” of the funds collected were siphoned to a management company owned and controlled by Elzanaty.

The complaint also accuses Elzanaty of setting up a corporate entity that allowed him to open up several more medical professional service facilities and to “serve as the corporate veil behind which Elzanaty perpetrated the other aspects of his multimillion-dollar enterprise of fraud.”

In addition to Elzanaty, the complaint names Pawlowski, and others and several of the medical services facilities. The complaint accuses Elzanaty and the rest of the defendants of violating federal laws covering interstate commerce, racketeering, unjust enrichment and mail fraud. The complaint also alleges the defendants violated New York’s common law fraud and no-fault laws.

Can anybody still seriously believe the GZM-backers claims that they would raise the money for the mosque through donations “from Muslims in the neighborhood“??


Jihadist finance links to Republican

January 15, 2011

Suhail Khan, a former Bush administration official and a current board member of the American Conservative Union, has a history of interactions with groups and individuals who have waged money jihad against the West.  An opinion piece in the New York Post (h/t Jihad Watch) on Jan. 9 by Paul Sperry reveals that:

  • A big league Al Qaeda fundraiser Abdurahman Alamoudi was outed by Sen. Arlen Specter who described Alamoudi as a terrorist supporter in 2001.  A few days later at an American Muslim Council event, Khan said of Alamoudi that he hoped “we can keep working together.”
  • Khan spoke at an Islamic Society of North American (ISNA) convention in 2001.  As a Muslim Brotherhood front group, ISNA has helped raise money for jihad.  Khan says his father Mahboob was one of ISNA’s founders.
  • Khan’s father also founded the Santa Clara Muslim Community Association.  Al Qaeda top dog Ayman al-Zawahiri visited that mosque while raising funds in the U.S. in the 1990s.

At ISNA’s conference in 1999, Khan said, “The early Muslims loved death, dying for the sake of almighty Allah, more than the oppressors loved life.  This must be the case when we are fighting.”

Suhail Khan is also an outspoken advocate of the Ground Zero Mosque.  His associations should render any and all of his lobbying efforts to “fellow” conservatives null and void.  Get him off of Washington, D.C.’s cocktail party circuit immediately.


Said the Alligator King to His Muslim Friends

September 3, 2010

Remember this Sesame Street classic?

(Keep that tune in mind as you read the below.)

Said the mayor of New York
To his seven friends
I’m feeling kinda lost
Whatever you can do to cheer me up
I’ll defend you at any cost.

Imam Rauf proposed a mosque
At Ground Zero’s coat factory
John Liu offered special financing
To make it all tax-free.

Sharif el-Gamal never met a tax
That he didn’t try to dodge
So Rauf knew that he’d found his match
To build the site for a New World hajj

Barzinji said, “I like Rauf’s style
And how he covers for Hamas,
So stick with me and I’ll show you how
I built Al-Hijrah mosque.”

Hisham Elzanaty said “Count me in
Holy Land Foundation’s gone
So I’ve got some extra cash to burn
To show the triumph of Islam

Speaker Pelosi woke up one day
With an idea in her head
To skip Rauf & investigate
Families of the 9/11 dead.

Barack Obama called his Muslim pals
For a fancy iftar feast
It’s time to Islamize New York
So we can all bow to the East.

Bloomberg said to old Barack,
“Do me one more favor please
Call off the dogs who want to know
Where this dog gets its fleas.”


Tax preference for Cordoba Initiative, tax penalty for pro-Israel group

August 29, 2010

While the developers of the Ground Zero Mosque may finagle tax-exempt financing (see Creeping Sharia), a pro-Israel organization is being denied tax-exempt status by the IRS according to a new lawsuit.  Check out the coverage on TaxProf Blog:  Lawsuit: IRS Using Bob Jones University to Deny Tax-Exempt Status to Pro-Israel Charity.

Oh, an in addition to tax-free financing, it’s worth noting that a lot of mosque projects involve interest-free financing from the North American Islamic Trust.  From NAIT’s website:

NAIT has advanced millions of dollars in interest-free loans to centers to complete their infrastructure projects. Relationship with NAIT (e.g. the case of Tulsa, Oklahoma) can help in inducing the signing of construction contracts in the face of limited immediate availability of construction funds. Affiliation with NAIT helps in obtaining and renewing property tax exemption, and in dealings with the IRS.

NAIT is the waqf (Islamic endowment) component of the Islamic Society of North America.  Remember that ISNA, NAIT, and CAIR were all unindicted co-conspirators of the Holy Land Foundation, the American Islamic charity convicted of funding Hamas.


FARA and the money for the Ground Zero Mosque

August 10, 2010

On Aug. 3, the fellows over at Radio Jihad had a lively discussion about the refusal of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to acknowledge where the $100 million for his Ground Zero Mosque is coming from:

The audio excerpt above from their show is about nine minutes long, but here’s a little summary:  hosts Vito Esposito, Alan Kornman, and “Scotty K” say that the $100 million didn’t just spring up from “Muslims in the neighborhood”–rather, it’s probably coming through channels such as Saudi Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Society of North America, the North American Islamic Trust in Indiana, and Malaysia.  (I speculated myself in a comment on Creeping Sharia back in December that funds for the mosque were coming from Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.)

Because of the overseas funding, Radio Jihad calls for Rauf to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (more on FARA here) and open his books for review by government auditors.  However, the talk show hosts predict that Rauf will fight any disclosure or registration on the grounds of constitutionally protected religious freedom.

The gentlemen speculate that at this point it will probably take political intervention from a higher level–such as Peter King, Newt Gingrich, Sue Myrick, or Rick Lazio–to put a halt to the mosque project until Rauf comes clean. 

One of the Radio Jihad co-hosts also argues that Mayor Bloomberg would rather have the $100 million worth of economic activity brought by the construction project than to protect the safety of New Yorkers.  He draws an interesting parallel between the current situation and the Late Middle Ages, when Ottoman Turkey funded German princes to stoke the flames of the Protestant Reformation in order to divide Christendom.  Today, it’s Saudi money that is being used to divide the West.  Take a listen!

All the relevant conversation takes place in the above clip, but if you want to hear their full show click here.