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Muslim Brotherhood news worth reading

March 6, 2011

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report has published some informative posts recently that would interest most Money Jihad readers:

1.  “Phillipine Islamic Scholars Want Local IIRO Office Reopened; Designated By US As Terrorist Organization” (Mar. 1). Thirty-two Muslim Filipino clerics have called for the reinstatement of its branch of the International Islamic Relief Organization which was designated as a terrorist entity by the U.S. Treasury Department in 2006.  (As a footnote to the Global MB Report piece, the overly conciliatory government of the Philippines should not agree to this considering the lies the Saudis continue to tell about IIRO.)

2.  “Bosnian Grand Mufti Visited Libya In Mid-February; Accepted Donation From Qadhafi” (Feb. 28).  Last month, Muamar “Daffy” Qaddafi donated several million Bosnian marks to the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, Mustafa Ceric, to build a new Islamic headquarters office in Sarajevo.  Ceric is a member of the Yusuf Qaradawi led European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), a Muslim Brotherhood extension.

3. “UK Muslim Brotherhood Charity Signs Agreement With World Assembly of Muslim Youth” (Feb. 27). Muslim Aid, a Union of Good (ie, Hamas-funding) charity, has signed an agreement to form closer relationships with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), itself a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Take a look.  The money links them all.


The new rope-a-dope

April 1, 2010

“Hey, punk.  Regulate your charities now—or else!” says Uncle Sam.

“But you see, effendi, it’s…complicated,” protests the Sheik.

<Boom> <pow> <SMACK!>

“All right, I suppose arrangements can be made,” the Sheik whimpers.

“Wow, we’re really great,” thinks Uncle Sam, flexing his muscles.  “We really taught those pliant Saudis a lesson.  Now we’re guaranteed that no more zakat from Arabia will ever be exported again to fund international Wahhabi Islamism.”

The Sheik retreats to the shadows and joins his friend Muhammad.

“Well?” Muhammad asks.

“Don’t worry, says the Sheik.  I told Sam what he wants to hear.  Here’s a thousand riyals.  You know what to do…”

And with that, the latest news about the International Islamic Relief Organization of Saudi Arabia on the march.  From the Mar. 28 Sunday Times (h/t Jihad Watch):

SAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

According to officials in Macedonia, Islamic fundamentalism threatens to destabilise the Balkans. Strict Wahhabi and Salafi factions funded by Saudi organisations are clashing with traditionally moderate local Muslim communities.

Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centres as well as handing some followers up to £225 a month. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the niqab, or face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans.

Government sources in traditionally secular Macedonia (official title the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), said they were monitoring up to 50 Al-Qaeda volunteers recruited to fight in Afghanistan.

Classified documents seen by The Sunday Times reveal that Macedonian officials are also investigating a number of Islamic charities, some in Saudi Arabia, which are active throughout the Balkans and are suspected of spreading extremism and laundering money for terrorist organisations.

One of the groups under scrutiny is the International Islamic Relief Organisation from Saudi Arabia, which is on a United Nations blacklist of organisations backing terrorism. It did not respond to inquiries, but has previously denied involvement in terrorist activities, calling such claims “totally unfounded”.

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Saudi lie exposed

March 18, 2010

A revelation from the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report has been making the rounds through the blogosphere (Counterterrorism Blog, Creeping Sharia, etc) about a relatively new International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO) branch office in Florida.  IIRO is a Saudi-based “charity” that stinks like a skunk from its jihadist financial ties.

What has not received sufficient attention, to the best of my knowledge, is the timeline of IIRO’s return to the U.S.

In December 2008, Saudi Arabia changed its banking regulations to require the IIRO to receive approval from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA)—the Saudi central bank—in order to transfer any funds from IIRO outside the Kingdom.

In April 2009, this new U.S. branch of IIRO incorporated in Florida.  We know it made at least one expenditure—the incorporation fee itself.

In July 2009, Saudi officials told the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) that, “the Saudi government had not approved any transfer of funds from charities and multilateral charitable organizations to support charitable activities outside of Saudi Arabia.”

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