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Kenya nabs imam alleged to have funded attack that killed 148

April 24, 2015

Keep up the good work, Kenya.  From on April 20:

Garissa Attack: Sheikh Mahat Omar, Alleged University Terror Financier Held

Kenyan police are currently detaining a Muslim cleric alleged to have financed the Garissa attack in which Al-Shabaab terrorists killed 148 people.

Police say Sheikh Hassan Mahat Omar who they are holding in Nairobi will help police investigations.

The Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) on Monday got a 30-day extended detention order by a court against Sheikh Hassan Mahat Omar, who was arrested on Friday.

According to the police, Sheikh Mahat Omar has close links with Mohammed Kuno, alias Sheikh Mahammad, alias Dulydin, alias Garmadhere, Al-Shabaab’s leader in the Juba region of Somalia and the alleged mastermind of the recent terrorist attack at the learning institution.

The prosecution alleged in court on Monday that Mr Omar and a Mr Ali Hassan Gure, who is yet to be presented in court, are involved in the financing of terrorism…


New moves afoot to choke off terror money

November 7, 2014
  • The U.S. takes aim at ISIS’s black market oil buyers… more>>
  • Britain grants more powers to its charity regulator, including the power to remove dubious trustees from charitable boards (h/t @ConorMLarkin)… more>>
  • Austrian law will ban foreign funding of imams… more>>
  • The U.S. Rewards for Justice program of paying informants is still helping catch and kill terrorists… more>>
  • Bulk cash smugglers beware–there’s a new system to detect the presence of excessive currency at border checkpoints… more>>

Two imams arrested in bust of organized counterfeit clothing ring

January 3, 2014

Counterfeiting isn’t just about fake currency, but a host of knockoff products either sold on the black market or fraudulently passed off as legitimate brands to unsuspecting customers.

Imams at mosques in Xinzo de Limia and Ourense in Spain have been detained in connection with a multi-million dollar counterfeit clothing operation involving 10 illegal factories, 99 people, and 235 tons of phony clothes.

As Bloomberg’s Hitha Prabhakar warned us, retail crime represents “a $38 billion black market business that funds not only organized crime, but also terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda as well as drug lords in Central America.”

Thanks to Gisele for sending this in:

Two imams held as Spain police smash counterfeit clothing ring

Madrid (AFP) – Police have smashed Spain’s largest counterfeit clothing ring, arresting 99 people, including two imams, over the sale of 235 tonnes of fake designer clothes and shoes, the government said Saturday.

The ring made the counterfeit items in illegal factories in northern Portugal and then shipped them across the border by van to Xinzo de Limia, a city of around 100,000 people in northwestern Spain, the interior ministry said in a statement.

“The network, of Moroccan origin, had ‘regional delegates’ across Spain who distributed over the past two years 235 tonnes of fake garments and footwear, generating revenues of 5.5 million euros ($7.5 million),” it said.

“Part of this black money was hidden along with bank cards and other financial documents belonging to the organisation in the mosques of Ourense and Xinzo de Limia,” it added.

Among those arrested was the imam of the mosque of Xinzo de Limia, whom police said was one of the leaders of the ring. The mosque received nearly 100,000 euros in donations from the ring.

The imam at the mosque in the nearby city of Ourense was also detained as part of the operation. His name appears on bank accounts used by the group and police suspect him of helping to launder money earned by the ring.

Police searched over 117 locations across the country, including the two mosques, as part of their investigation, which was launched in September 2012 and carried out in cooperation with Portuguese authorities.

Police seized just over one million items of counterfeit clothing, as well as bank cards, several weapons and software containing the logos of over 200 registered brands.

Police also closed 10 illegal factories in northern Portugal where the fake goods were made.

The operation “dismantled the main network which manufactured and distributed counterfeit clothes in the Iberian Peninsula”, the statement said.

The authorities detained 65 people in Spain and 34 in Portugal. The arrested include 37 Senegalese nationals, 34 Portuguese citizens, 19 Moroccans and nine Spaniards.

One commenter on the original article made the observation that this story “helps explain why so many in the ME [Middle East] wear designer clothes.”

Previous reports have indicated that Hezbollah operates clothing manufacturing businesses in Europe.


Hafiz Khan convicted for funding the Taliban

March 7, 2013

Two imams in the U.S. have been convicted of terrorist financing within the span of two weeks.  First there was Imam Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud in San Diego who conspired with fellow Somali immigrants in America to fund al-Shabaab in East Africa, and now Hafiz Khan, the Florida-based imam who transferred money to the Pakistani Taliban.

Given the extensive wiretap and documentary bank evidence against Imam Khan, the case never looked good for him.  When his defense attorneys blundered by putting Khan on the witness stand to deliver listless tirades and tortured explanations of why he said what he said, it looked even worse.

First his lawyers said that Khan was mentally incompetent, but the court didn’t buy that.  Then their story was that Khan provided charitable relief and made investments in a potato chip company in Pakistan.  Then the story changed again to Khan purporting that he had lied to the Taliban in his wiretapped conversations, and that he only offered them money to get more money in return.  The plan was supposedly to give the Taliban $50,000 now to get $1 million back from them later, which would represent an unbelievable 1,900% return on his “investment.”

Did it occur to Mr. Khan or his defense team that there is no legal distinction between giving money to a terrorist organization to wage jihad versus giving money to a terrorist organization as an investment?  In any case, the defense was not plausible, and Khan could not explain his taped statements wishing death upon U.S. troops.  Allowing him to testify in his own defense was a disaster.

Real people have been killed or injured and property has been destroyed in Pakistan because of the TTP, and the TTP was enriched because this man collected money fellow Islamists in Florida.  Khan, an old man, faces a maximum 60 year sentence.  He will surely die in prison.  At least he’ll have the opportunity to say good-bye to his family—an opportunity the TTP’s victims never had.

From the Miami Herald on Mar. 4:

Florida imam convicted in Pakistani Taliban case


AP Legal Affairs Writer

MIAMI — An elderly Muslim cleric has been convicted by a Miami federal court jury of providing thousands of dollars in financial support to the Pakistani Taliban.

The 12-person jury returned its verdict Monday after the two-month trial of Hafiz Khan. The 77-year-old imam at a Miami mosque was found guilty of two conspiracy counts and two counts of providing material support to terrorists.

Each charge carries a potential 15-year prison sentence.

Prosecutors built their case largely around hundreds of FBI recordings of conversations in which Khan expressed support for Taliban attacks and discussed sending about $50,000 to Pakistan.

Khan testified the money was for family, charity and business reasons. Khan also said he lied to an FBI informant about Taliban support in hopes of obtaining $1 million from him.


Imam bilks $2 million from gullible U.S.

May 19, 2011
Ohio sting stops Muslim fraud

SWAT team members outside Five Pillars Market

Perhaps the imam took a page from fellow imam Anwar al-Awlaki’s Inspire Magazine article about the necessity for Muslims to help wage the money jihad by exploiting the welfare systems of Western governments.  It’s not really stealing if you’re living in the dar al Harb.

Notice that there is perhaps an unstated halal meat connection in the imam’s business dealings, since one of the businesses that was raided was his meat factory.  The halal meat industry seems to be a growing sector for money laundering.  From the Dayton Daily News on May 12 (h/t Rantburg):

$2M laundered in food stamp fraud, authories say

DAYTON — Authorities seized a bank account that at one time contained $2 million and was controlled by Al-Idu Al-Gaheem, the owner of some Dayton View neighborhood businesses and imam of a local mosque, according to search warrant affidavits filed in a series of food stamp fraud raids Tuesday.

The account contained less than $100,000 in it at the time of the seizure, but authorities believe Al-Gaheem illegally laundered $2 million through the account.

Officials said most of the money came through food stamp trafficking. In the affidavits, federal and state agents said their informants bought drugs and firearms and sold food stamp cards for cash, generally 50 cents on the dollar of benefits during an investigation that began in 2009.

Warrants were served at Riverview Cell & Cup of Dreams, 512 N. Broadway St.; Five Pillars Market, 1263 W. Riverview Ave.

In addition, agents searched the Masjid-At-Taqwa mosque, 701 N. Broadway St., and the nearby house of the mosque’s imam, Al-Gaheen. Five Pillars, and Riverview Cell & Cup of Dreams are owned by Al-Gaheem, who declined to comment Wednesday.

No charges have been filed and no one was arrested.

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Moderate imam funds foreign terror

November 10, 2010

Picking up on a theme that Robert Spencer has been drilling home for quite some time, how could a moderate, revered man who has spent his whole life devoted to the study of Islam–a highly trained imam–“misunderstand” or misconstrue his own religion to the extent that he decided to transfer money to a designated foreign terrorist organization?

Perhaps because City Heights mosque leader Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud didn’t “misunderstand” Islam at all.  He gave the Koran and Hadith a plain reading which told him that it is not just permitted, but that it is mandated for Muslims to give their zakat, and that a portion of that zakat must go toward irregular warfare against infidels.

So he passed the collection plate around the mosque and was able to amass $9,000 for al-Shabaab.  That’s perfectly legal in Islam.  But not under federal law.  From Sign On San Diego on Nov. 3, with thanks to Creeping Sharia:

SAN DIEGO — The arrest of the leader of a City Heights mosque, a man described as a revered figure who was known for advocating nonviolence and tolerance, has stunned the close-knit Somali community in City Heights, where many refugees of the war-torn country live, work and pray.

Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud, 38, appeared in federal court Wednesday to answer to charges that he was involved in a conspiracy to provide money and other aid to al-Shabaab in Somalia, which U.S. authorities have designated a foreign terrorist organization.

Mohamud and co-defendant Issa Doreh, 54, pleaded not guilty. A third defendant, Basaaly Saeed Moalin, 33, pleaded not guilty to similar charges Tuesday.

Mohamud has been the imam — the religious leader — of Masjid Al-Ansar on Winona Avenue for 10 years, said Bashir Hassan, secretary of the small mosque that primarily serves Somali refugees. Doreh and Moalin both attended the mosque, Hassan said.

Mohamud is married and has several children, Hassan said Wednesday.

“He is the center of the community here,” Hassan said. “Everyone likes him. When anyone needs help, he is the first person to help. His arrest was very shocking. He is a godfather person to the community”…

A federal indictment filed Oct. 22 accuses Moalin, Mohamud and Doreh of collecting and sending nearly $9,000 to al-Shabaab in 2008 to fund the group, known for using violence in its war against Somalia’s weak transitional government. Moalin is also accused of providing a house in Somalia that was intended to be used in a conspiracy to kill people.

Doreh, a longtime San Diego resident, was at one time president of the now defunct Somali Community of San Diego, one of many nonprofit organizations that were launched in the early 1990s when many Somali refugees came to the area.

Hassan said Doreh is a graduate of San Diego State University and has children who have attended the school. He did not know his current profession. He said he did not know much about Moalin, other than seeing him at the mosque.

According to the indictment, Moalin in April 2008 asked Mohamud to “hold back 20 or 30 trusted people at the mosque to tell them to contribute money” for al-Shabaab…