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Jihad, sharia, and Islamic charity

May 28, 2010

There’s been a spate of great blog posts over the last week at some of our favorite blogs, all illustrating how the jihadists continue tapping into zakat and other Koranic tax revenues streams to wage their money jihad against the West.

  • Global MB Daily Report:  Kuwait’s the International Islamic Charitable Organization, IICO, observes its 25th anniversary.  IICO appears to have the full support of Kuwait’s royal family and government.  IICO also has ties to Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Virginia…
  • Shariah Finance Watch:  The ruler of Dubai has mandated that waqf projects be fully sharia compliant.  Waqf religious endowment projects are common.  But explicitly mandating their sharia compliance is an extra layer of detail they don’t normally publicize.  Remember that sharia=subjugation (of women, non-Muslims, etc.).
  • JihadWatch:  Five members of a Muslim “humanitarian” group have been arrested in Kosovo.  With all the arrests, criminal investigations, and convictions of Muslim charities, is anybody else catching on that there is something inherently criminal about Islamic charity?
  • Shariah Finance Watch:  Anwar al-Awlaki has come out championing the money jihad.  Yes, the Yemen-based cleric who inspired some of the 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood’s Maj. Hasan, and other lowlife murderers has joined Osama Bin Laden and Yusuf al-Qaradawi in his public support for the Al Jihad bi al-Mal.
  • RantburgBig bounties are being paid to Taliban for each NATO casualty they cause.  Money for the bounties comes from protection payments (zakat), opium harvests (ushr), and the Gulf (sadaqa & hawala).  NATO deaths are the fruits of the money jihad.