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Audit finds charity watchdog unfit for duties

December 10, 2013

The National Audit Office (NAO) has found that the U.K. Charity Commission, the entity responsible for monitoring British nonprofits, is grossly understaffed and is too passive in exposing malfeasance.

The Charity Commission has never done anything to crack down on Interpal and Muslim Aid—two British-based charities that have funded Hamas.  The Charity Commission even went out of its way to discredit the allegations against Muslim Aid.  The NAO’s findings cast the Charity Commission’s defense of such charities in a new and disturbing light.

This is probably one of the biggest stories pertaining to terrorist financing in Britain that has come out in several years.  Scores of Islamic charities have established headquarters in the U.K., and have used favorable reviews by the Charity Commission as part of their fundraising appeals to send money overseas.

This isn’t just a story about regulatory ineptitude:  it reveals a major global avenue for charitable fraud.

From the Daily Mail (h/t to Ultrascan HUMINT) on Dec. 3:

Charity cash could end up in the hands of terrorists: Watchdog ‘failing to tackle abuses’

  • Critical report was compiled by the National Audit Office
  • Reveals the Charity Commission has just two members of staff to monitor voluntary organisations with just 42 probes launched this year
  • Labour MP Margaret Hodge warns commission is not ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘risks undermining public trust’ in charities

By Daniel Martin

3 December 2013

Money given to charity could be diverted to terrorists because a watchdog is not investigating abuses properly, a damning report has warned.

The Charity Commission monitors voluntary organisations over three areas of high risk: fraud, whether they safeguard beneficiaries, and counter-terrorism.

But it now has only two members of staff doing this work and just 42 probes were started last year, compared to 306 a year before the last election, increasing a ‘risk that serious concerns will go undetected’.

In a critical report, the National Audit Office spending watchdog said failings could damage public faith in good causes. The commission needs a ‘radical change of pace and rigour’, it said…

The NAO report also stated:

‘It [the Charity Commission] uses its information poorly to assess risk and often relies solely on trustees’ assurances.

‘Where it does identify concerns in charities, it makes little use of its powers and fails to take tough action in some of the most serious cases.

‘The commission is too passive in pursuing its objectives, letting practical and legal barriers prevent action, rather than considering alternative ways to prevent abuse of charitable status.’


Hamas financing news: recommended reading

November 14, 2013
  • Viva Palestina, the British “charity” that raised funds for Hamas, has been removed from the UK Charity Commission’s registry charities due to apparent inactivity… more>>
  • Auditors says billions of euros sent to the West Bank and Gaza have been wasted, stolen, or cannot be accounted for—so why not send even more?  Oy vey!
  • Talk is cheap.  The UK Charity Commission thunders in public about cracking down on terrorist front charities, but behind the scenes they’re letting groups like Interpal fund Hamas with impunity… more>>
  • Hamas’s Khaled Meshaal experiments with speed dating—after a first a surprise tête-à-tête to seek financial aid from Erdogan in Turkey, Meshaal plans on a visit with the mullahs in Tehran to discuss the same.  Who will win the rose?  More>>

U.K. snores as Islamic charity funds terrorism

January 15, 2013

Interpal, a British-Muslim group with documented ties to Hamas, continues to operate with impunity in London.  The valuable Gatestone Institute has published a well-researched piece by Samuel Westrop (@samwestrop for Twitter users) compiling Interpal’s history of misdeeds.

Here are a few of the salient points from the Westrop’s article that should interest Money Jihad readers:

  • Jamal Mohammad Tawil, a senior Hamas operative, signed for a $34K donation from Interpal in 2001.
  • A 2002 Israeli investigation revealed that Interpal partnered with a Hamas affiliate.
  • The U.S., Australia, and Canada have designated Interpal as a terrorist entity.
  • The NEFA Foundation reported that Interpal is a member of the Union of Good, an internationally recognized network of charities that fund Hamas.
  • A 2006 investigation by the BBC showed that Hamas-affiliated charities were receiving Interpal donations.
  • Interpal claimed to sever ties from the Union of Good in 2009 after a review by the U.K. Charity Commission, but subsequent interviews, meetings, and statements (including anti-Semitic, pro-sharia, pro-caliphate, pro-Anwar al-Awlaki comments), and convoys to Gaza indicate that Interpal leadership remains deeply integrated with UoG.

The Gatestone article is entitled “Supporting our Own Demise:  Part 1,” which you can read in full at  Looking forward to Part 2…

Previous Money Jihad coverage of Interpal can be found here, with a look back at the U.K. Charity Commission here.


Tony Blair’s relative speaks at Interpal event

April 8, 2011

Lauren Booth, the half-sister for former British prime minister Tony Blair’s wife, has visited Interpal, a notorious Union of Good charity.  The Union of Good raises money for Hamas, and Ms. Booth spoke at an Interpal fundraising event.  (Prior Interpal coverage is available here and here.)  No safeguards to ensure that the money is used legally without aiding Hamas are mentioned.  Hat tip to TGMBDR for highlighting this Humanitarian Voice article from Mar. 28:

Journalist Lauren Booth visited Bradford last weekend to speak at a fund-raiser for medical aid for Gaza.

The programme was organised by the Bradford office of Interpal, a British charity working to provide humanitarian aid and development support for Palestinians. Interpal works in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

The fund-raiser at which Ms. Booth spoke about her path to Islam, which started during her visit to Gaza in 2008 on one of the Free Gaza boats, was held at Panshee restaurant, off Leeds Road.

A packed venue ensured that £32,000 was pledged on the night to help buy much-needed medical equipment and supplies for the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Giving till it hurts

August 13, 2010

According to the Middle East Monitor last Saturday:

A British parliamentary delegation accompanied by aid workers begun a visit to the Gaza Strip today. Among the delegation’s members were Lord Raymond Hylton, Yasmin Quraishi MP and Mr Ibrahim Hewitt, Chairman of the Palestinian Relief and Development Fund (Interpal) and Senior Editor at the Middle East Monitor (MEMO).

The visitors toured Gaza City and viewed the scale of destruction left by the Israeli war on Gaza in late 2008 and discussed ways of providing assistance for the reconstruction efforts.

During their visit to the Islamic University in Gaza City Mr Hewitt said the delegation was exploring all possible ways to provide assistance.

Ah, yes, remember Interpal, the former Union of Good charity?  And Mr. Hewitt, the one who quoted the Koran 13:31 on the website of the Islamic elementary school he runs, then deleted the Koranic references shortly after I posted this comment on Gates of Vienna:

Ibrahim Hewitt is one of Interpal’s leaders. He’s also the founder of a madrasah in England called the Al Aqsa primary school. It’s website displays rotating Koranic verses.

The other day when I was looking at the school website it flashed up 13:31, “But the Unbelievers, never will disaster cease to seize them for their deeds, or to settle close to their homes…” On a grade school website!!

This MP/Interpal trip to Gaza and the announcement of £19m in aid to Gaza earlier this summer brings to mind a Dry Bones cartoon from 2008:

Terror finance cartoon

And Puneet Madaan sent in this moving video about the opportunity costs of providing aid to Palestine: Read the rest of this entry ?


Ex-UoG charity plots new Gaza flotilla

July 13, 2010
Show Palestinian orphans you care

Image from Interpal’s 2008 photo gallery online

Remember how Hamas exploits orphans by using them as cover to raise funds in the West then funneling the money to bomb-makers?  Hmm…

Interpal is an organization that used to be a member of Yusuf Qaradawi’s notorious “Union of Good” Hamas-funding network.  The Global MB Daily Report describes a recent meeting between Interpal and United Nations representatives to arrange for another flotilla to Gaza:

The UK charity INTERPAL has reported that its trustees took part in a meeting with a UN official and others to discuss a proposed European convoy taking medical aid to Gaza. According to the report:

On 21 June a constructive meeting took place in Cairo between Interpal Trustees, a representative of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and other NGOs to discuss the practical aspects of facilitating the entry of a European convoy taking medical aid to the Gaza Strip through Egypt. The convoy is part of Interpal’s ongoing efforts to support the people of Palestine with desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Individuals of interested reported to have attended the meeting included:

  • Ibrahim Hewitt (Chair of Trustees, Interpal)
  • Oliver McTernan, (Co-Founder & Director, Forward Thinking (UK)
  • Dr. Essam Mustafa (Managing Trustee, Interpal; former head of the Union of Good)
  • John Ging (Director of Operations in Gaza, UNRWA)
  • Dr. Abdel Karim Bensiali ( International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Europe Trust)

INTERPAL is perhaps the most important of the charities comprising the Union of Good, described in a NEFA Foundation report

Interpal gives most of their money to partner organizations in the Middle East.  According to their website, Interpal’s biggest program is a child sponsorship program that helps hundreds of orphans… 

Unfortunately, along with whatever actual aid orphans there receive, they are simultaneously and inseparably incited into hatred, violence, and terrorism by Hamas.