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Mounties met with Muslim Brotherhood sponsors after parliament slaying

November 11, 2014

After the jihadist murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Ottowa police force met with several Islamic groups in order to reach out to them and reassure them. The website Point de Bascule points out that several of the groups that police met with have previously funded IRFAN, Human Concern International, or Islamic Relief Canada, all of which have been implicated in terrorist financing schemes. Here’s an accounting of how much money the groups that Canadian police met with gave to those front groups:

Sponsoring Terror

Thanks to Gisele for sending in the PdB report and the Sun TV graphic on the money trails between the Canadian Islamic groups and suspected terrorist affiliates.


Canada names Muslim charity a terrorist group

May 18, 2014

IRFAN has sent almost 15 million Canadian dollars (14 million USD) to Hamas, which is just a little more than the $12 million that the Holy Land Foundation in Texas sent to Hamas from 1995 to 2001. Does it still remain unclear to anybody that using Islamic charities in North America for funding is a central part of Hamas’s worldwide revenue strategy?

By the way, the five leaders of HLF received sentences ranging from 15 to 65 years in prison for their crimes. Should we expect no less in this case given the staggering amount of money involved?

IRFAN’s substantive operations ended last year, but it maintained nominal activities, a Facebook page, and an office which has just been raided by Mounties.

Thanks to Red Team Red Queen for sending this in from the National Post on Apr. 29:

RCMP raids Muslim relief group’s offices as Canada declares it a terrorist organization

Stewart Bell

TORONTO — A Muslim relief organization accused by federal auditors of sending almost $15-million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas has been raided by police, who seized an “extensive amount” of evidence, the RCMP said Tuesday.

Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams searched the head office of the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada in Mississauga, Ont., as well as a private residence in Montreal.

“We are determined to stop Canadian funds from getting in the hands of terrorist groups,” said RCMP Assistant Commissioner James Malizia. “We continue to work diligently with our partners to investigate and disrupt organizations from misusing charitable donations to find terrorist activity.”

A non-profit group that worked mostly in Muslim countries, IRFAN-Canada lost its charity status in 2011 after Canada Revenue Agency auditors called it an “integral part” of an international fundraising effort that supported Hamas.

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said Tuesday that IRFAN-Canada had “for many years” funded Hamas. “The well intentioned and charitable Canadians who sought to support humanitarian relief through this organization deserve better.”

The minister made the comments as he announced the relief group had been placed on Canada’s list of proscribed terrorist entities. The designation makes it a crime to knowingly have any dealings with IRFAN-Canada’s property or finances…


Lights out for terror-funding Islamic charity

August 7, 2013

Canadian nonprofit ceases operations after bank closes account

Once again pointing to the power of tax authorities to expose and defang dangerous front charities, a Muslim nonprofit in Canada has stopped accepting donations after its bank closed its account.  The bank’s decision followed an audit and finding by tax officials that IRFAN was no longer eligible for tax-exempt status, largely because of its role in funding Hamas.

The bank account closure and operational suspension is also a victory for Canada’s taxpayers, who will no longer see their money being channeled through a network of smaller Islamic charities and mosques for distribution by IRFAN.

From the National Post; thanks to Gisele for sending this in:

Relief organization that allegedly supported Hamas suspends operations after CIBC closes bank accounts

Stewart Bell | 13/07/15

A humanitarian relief organization that lost its charity status two years ago over its alleged support for Hamas said Monday it was suspending operations after the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce won court approval to close its accounts.

The CIBC gave notice in May that it intended to stop providing banking services to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy — Canada. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld that decision, which went into effect on Monday.

Without a bank, the Toronto-based relief group, which spent $9-million on charitable activities in 2009, said it could no longer transfer money abroad for programs that include the support of orphans in the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon and Sudan.

“IRFAN-Canada is choosing not to accept donations at this time because they are unable to transmit funds to the intended destinations,” the group’s lawyer, Naseer Syed, told the National Post. “Therefore, without donations, they will be forced to suspend their humanitarian relief programs”…

Formed in 1998, IRFAN-Canada was mostly active in the Muslim world but it ran afoul of federal regulators, who revoked its charity status in 2011. The Canada Revenue Agency said an audit had determined the group was an “integral part” of an international fundraising effort that supported Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group…


Canada’s taxpayers unwittingly fund Hamas

February 17, 2013

IRFAN, the Islamic charity whose tax-exempt status was revoked by the Canada Revenue Agency over suspicions that it finances Hamas, has received funding from a slew of smaller Islamic groups—some of which include Edmonton-area mosques and nonprofits that have been beneficiaries of grant money from the provincial government of Alberta.  This is the conclusion reached by Point de Bascule after detailed research.

A tip of the hat to Gisele for sending in the link.

Point de Bascule has many diagrams depicting the relationships among the Canadian mosques, charities, and front groups involved.  Here is just one of the diagrams, which shows how the Millwoods Mosque, an Alberta grant recipient, donated zakat in the last decade to middlemen that funded IRFAN.$250,000-to-islamists-who-financed-hamas%E2%80%99-fund-collector-and-invites-promoters-of-sharia-in-edmonton.html

Read the full PdB piece here.


Halal food profits funneled to Hamas?

April 10, 2012

The Muslim Association of Canada, which admits that its roots can be found in the global Muslim Brotherhood, is a primary halal food certifying entity in Canada.  It has also been a major financial contributor to IRFAN, a “charity” that was stripped of its tax-exempt status by Canadian revenue authorities partly due to its ties with Hamas.

TGMBDR has the story here, and Point de Bascule this chart depicting the connections:

Chart by Point de Bascule

The distance between halal foods, sharia finance, and terror funding shrinks with every passing day.


IRFAN’s suspension made permanent

April 12, 2011

In an update to this story last year about the Muslim charity IRFAN temporarily losing its tax exempt status in Canada, the removal has just been made permanent by the Canada Revenue Agency. 

Although Canadian officials cannot comment on the details of any particular taxpayer’s situation, the decision is most likely the result of IRFAN’s historic ties to Hamas, to IRFAN’s flimsy bookkeeping, or both.  Sadly, IRFAN can still operate and collect funds, but at least those contributing to it won’t get a tax deduction.  From the Globe & Mail on Apr. 8:

A Mississauga charity that works in the Palestinian territories has lost its licence to issue tax receipts.

The federal government’s decision to pull the status of the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy Canada (IRFAN-Canada) occurs after years of tax audits and legal battles – and after prominent Canadian conservatives, including Stockwell Day, began publicly alleging that the charity is tied to Hamas terrorists.

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Canada charity loses tax-exempt status

May 11, 2010

The Islamic group known as IRFAN has been stripped of its tax-exempt status for one year by Canada’s federal tax agency.  (Although the suspension hasn’t stopped IRFAN from soliciting donations through its website—it’s just that Ifran’s donors won’t receive a tax deduction for their contributions.)  IRFAN raises zakat among Canadian Muslims and transfers the revenues abroad and, at least in the past, helped fund Hamas.

IRFAN used to be known as the The Jerusalem Fund for Human Services which was affiliated with Union of Good, the network of charities formed by Yusuf al-Qaradawi to fund Hamas.  Union of Good affiliates have been designated by the U.S. Treasury Department for funding terrorism.

From the Jewish Tribune on Apr. 27:

OTTAWA – The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) suspended the authority of the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN)-Canada to issue charity receipts on April 13. The suspension is to last one year. The CRA said in a press release that the charitable organization failed to comply with Income Tax Act requirements for book-keeping and audits.

“A charity that has been suspended has no authority to issue donation receipts for income tax purposes for gifts it may receive during its suspension,” said the government agency in its release. “Also, during the suspension, the charity is deemed not to be a qualified donee, prohibiting other registered charities from making gifts to it during that period.”

Based in Mississauga, IRFAN describes itself on its web site as an “international relief and humanitarian, non-profit, charitable organization, registered in Canada since 1998 and actively involved in the alleviation of human suffering.” Read the rest of this entry ?