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June 29, 2011

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• “Engaging in riba, or the charging of interest? Haram! Blowing up the bank and making off with the cash? Halal!” writes Marisolmore>>


Jizya is lifeblood of imperial Islam

December 23, 2010

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch recently took part in a debate about Islam at Thomas More College.  Spencer suggested that Islam is at its wealthiest and most expansive when it has the largest number of Christians and Jews living under it from whom to extract funds through jizya.  Islam is at its feeblest once the religious minority communities have been sucked dry.

This shouldn’t be too controversial an argument given that classical Islamic tax law requires that Islamic armies be funded entirely by taxes paid by infidels through the jizya and kharaj.  Spencer makes a compelling case and sums up the historical and modern reality of jizya in Islamic law nicely.  From Jihad Watch on Dec. 21:

In chapter nine of the Qur’an are numerous teachings–which of course are portrayed as divine revelation which cannot be questioned and have to be obeyed by any pious and observant Muslim. These are instructions to wage offensive warfare against Jews and Christians–particularly in chapter nine verse twenty-nine which tells Muslims to fight against those who do not obey Allah and his messenger and do not forbid that which he has forbidden (in other words, don’t follow the strictures of Islamic law) even if they are the People of the Book, which is the Qur’anic designation for primarily Jews and Christians, until they pay the jizya (which is a tax) with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.

That verse became the foundation of an elaborate superstructure of laws that are still part of Islamic jurisprudence and of Islamic political law that Islamists, that jihad terrorists, that any Islamic supremacist wants to impose over the world today. These laws mandate that non-Muslims, the People of the Book, must pay a special tax from which Muslims are exempt. As a matter of fact, you can pretty much correlate in Islamic history the strength and aggression and rise of the great Islamic empires of the past with the size of the Jewish and Christian communities that were subjugated within those empires and were paying for that imperial expansion. When those communities were exhausted economically, then the Islamic empires went into decline. This is an absolute correlation that recurs again and again and again. The Christians and Jews in Muslim lands were subjugated in accord with that section of the verse, that last part where they must ‘pay the jizya with willing submission and they feel themselves subdued.’ They never enjoyed equality of rights with Muslims: they were denied the right to build new houses of worship or to repair old ones; they were denied the right to hold authority over Muslims so that Jews and Christians were relegated to the most menial and degrading jobs in the society. They were subject to various other humiliating and discriminatory regulations.

Now this is, as I cannot emphasize enough, still part of Islamic law. This is not one sect or one school or one group that’s heretical that has made this part of their teaching. This is universal among all sects and schools of jurisprudence that are recognized as mainstream and orthodox by fellow Muslims. They all teach–you cannot find one that does not teach–the necessity to wage wars against unbelievers and to subjugate them under the rule of Islamic law. In fact, Hamas, in Gaza, has announced its intention, once it’s fully consolidated its power, to impose this system of dhimmitude and subjugate the Christians that remain there under institutionalized forms of discrimination. Gangs in Baghdad, without government authority to be sure, terrorized the Christian community–which I’m sure you know is terrorized on a more or less daily basis: there was just another massacre in a church in Baghdad the other day–they were knocking on doors in Baghdad last year and demanding payment of the jizya, this tax which amounts to protection money. You pay it and you don’t get killed. But you don’t pay it, or you transgress some of the other laws that are set out for these subjugated peoples, and then your life is forfeit.

Read the full transcript of the debate here.


Money Jihad blog’s first year

October 12, 2010

Happy birthday, Money Jihad!

Iran’s Mohammad Khatami helps us cut our halal birthday cake!

Money Jihad launched last year on October 12, and the time has flown by!  The blog has been viewed about 25,000 times and readership is still growing.  Thanks so much to all our readers, subscribers, our top referrers (The Religion of Peace, Creeping Sharia, Google, the Dutch website Het Vrije Volk, Jihad Watch for inspiring this blog, and to Shariah Finance Watch both for their support and for their own great work!).  And where would we be without top commenters like Puneet and Sadie?

Periodically we’ve shared site statistics about this blog’s most popular posts.  But on this occasion, maybe it would be better to look back and highlight some of the most overlooked, under-read posts of the year.  These are items that seemed pretty decent at the time, but received few or zero hits according to WordPress stats. 

Let’s just call them “the best of the worst,” and try to breathe some new life into these old bones.


10,000 reasons to say “thank you”

April 27, 2010

As of today, Money Jihad has received just over 10,000 hits since launching in October 2009.  Thanks especially to our top 10 referring sites:

  1. The Religion of Peace
  2. Shariah Finance Watch
  3. Jihad Watch
  4. Susan Loone’s Blog
  5. Atlas Shrugs
  6. Danger Room
  7. Creeping Sharia
  8. WordPress
  9. Google
  10. BlogCatalog

Those are all great resources—please support them.  An honorable mention also goes to Skeptical CPA.  Cheers!


Diplomatic dynamite: ISI-Headley connection

November 24, 2009

Yours truly, American Delight, has been ALL OVER Pakistani-American Muslim David C. Headley with posts here on Money Jihad and comments (here and here) at Jihad Watch.  This is the creep who was arrested in Illinois for plotting against the Danish newspaper that printed the Muhammad cartoons, who traveled to India prior to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks to size up targets for Lashkar-e-Taiba, and whose buddy’s halal goat slaughterhouse was raided by the feds.  This is the only photo I could find.

Jihadist David Headley

Quite the looker… Is it just me or does Headley look like a Pakistani Michael Meyers?

Lately, I’ve also been posting about the troublesome activities of Pakistan’s intelligence service ISI, especially ISI’s connection to the jihadist organizations LeT and the Taliban.

Now it all comes together, as the Hindustan Times reports that David C. Headley may have been coordinating with the ISI prior to the Mumbai attacks:

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“Money Jihad” blog is turning heads

October 29, 2009

In less than three weeks from its inception, Money Jihad has drawn readers from all over the web!  It was recently brought to my attention that MJ is WordPress‘s featured blog about terrorist financing, and it is the featured blog for Islamic taxation.

Thanks most especially to the wonderful readers and commenters from Jihad Watch–my favorite blog on the Internet–who have educated me on jihad over the years, and who are visiting this gem of a blog today!