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Turkish jizya levied on Greeks in Cyprus

March 7, 2011

Turkish occupiers have imposed a modern jizya against the Greek Orthodox Christians living in northern Cyprus.  Islamic tax law mandates that jizya revenues fund the armies of Islam.  Accordingly, the jizya against Greek Cypriots is being used to fund the Turkish army.  Now we must sadly add one more country to the list of nations imposing jizya in an darkening world today.  Does this portend the revival of Ottoman jizya taxation?

Big kudos to John Akritis for translating the article from Kathimerini and posting it on his blog Hellenic Antidote on Feb. 8:

I’ve translated below a report from today’s Cyprus Kathimerini regarding the imposition of the Islamic Jizya tax by the Turkish occupation authorities on the few hundred Greeks who since the Turkish invasion have been enclaved in the villages of Ayia Triada/Yialousa and Rizokarpaso in the Karpasia peninsula. The funds are being used for the upkeep of Turkish army camps and the building of new mosques. The report also makes clear that provisions provided to the enclaved by the Cyprus government via the UN are being systematically looted by Turkish settlers.

Jizya tax on the enclaved in Karpasia
The Karpasia Co-ordination Committee has revealed that an Ottoman-style Jizya tax is being imposed on the enclaved Greeks of Karpasia by the occupation army and the [ultra-nationalist] Grey Wolves to pay for the upkeep of Turkish army camps in the region and the building of new mosques.

‘The Ottoman jizya tax [amounting to 10% of the value of goods or 10% of that produced] has been imposed on the enclaved by the Turkish occupation army and the Grey Wolves, who together exercise authority in the peninsular,’ a statement by the Karpasia Co-ordination Committee said.

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