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Just got your 1040? Well set that aside & check out THIS tax chart!

January 10, 2010

Researchers periodically stumble upon Money Jihad searching for information about tax rates under Islam.  The search engines have sent us folks looking for information on things like “jizya rates, ” “hadith taxes” and “ushr tax.”

To help meet that need, and just as a handy reference for all of us, I’ve added a new Islamic tax chart page to the blog today breaking down the major types of taxes under Islam, who is subject to the tax, what kind of wealth is taxed and at what rates, whether any deductions or exemptions apply, when the taxes are due, and what the basis for the taxes are under Islamic law.

I’ve kept a draft paper copy of this chart on my desk for a while which has been invaluable.  So take a look!  You can click on the link within this post or on the “Islamic tax chart” link on the right-hand sidebar.


New book on kharaj due out next spring

December 9, 2009

A new book on the history of the kharaj (yet another Islamic tax!) is due out next April entitled Islamic Land Tax—Al-Kharaj by Prof. Ghaida Khazna Katbi.  Being a tax geek, I am pretty excited about its publication, as there is currently little being written about the kharaj.  But what is the kharaj, you ask?

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