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Will Clinton denounce Islamic imperialism in New Guinea?

January 12, 2010

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Hawaii, Australia, and Papua New Guinea to “to strengthen U.S. relations with key partner nations in the western Pacific,” according to the New York Times.  Terrorism is said to figure prominently in her conversations with leaders from those countries.

Papua New Guinea, which shares half of the island of New Guinea with Indonesia, has resisted foreign attempts at colonization and conversion by Islam.  However, as noted at, attempts to Islamize all the Christian and animist islands of Melanesia have become more aggressive.

Specifically, Indonesian jihadist groups like Jemaah Islamiyah and Mujahideen Kompak have tried to use their foothold in the western part of New Guinea (Western Papua) to expand Islam’s reach.

Mujahideen Kompak is a radical Islamist group that funnels zakat intended for disaster relief into the coffers of Southeast Asian jihadists.  Read the rest of this entry ?