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Prominent members of radical mosque indicted for money laundering

August 20, 2013

Amer Ahmad, the former deputy treasurer and CFO of the state of Ohio and former city comptroller for mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, Illinois, and his longtime friend Mohammed Noure Alo have been indicted for money laundering.  They were members the radical Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Columbus, Ohio.

A tip of the hat to anti-money laundering lawyer Christine Duhaime for tweeting this out from Columbus’s Channel 10:

Former Ohio Deputy Treasurer, Columbus Lawyer Indicted In Alleged Money Laundering Scheme

Thursday August 15

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The former Ohio deputy treasurer and a lawyer from Columbus are accused of engaging in bribery and money laundering scheme involving the Ohio Treasurer’s Office.

Amer Ahmad, 38, of Chicago, and Mohammed Noure Alo, 35, of Columbus, were indicted Thursday on charges of conspiracy and honest services wire fraud. Two others also were indicted.

Ahmad also is charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, federal program bribery and making false statements…

Ahmad and Alo have a documented history of improprieties.  In 2009, former Ohio treasurer Kevin Boyce “hired [Mohammed Noure] Alo’s wife in late December to fill a sudden opening in his office. Ahmad said the job, which pays $37,500 a year, was not posted. He announced the opening at his mosque and [his friend] Alo’s wife, [Walaa] Waeda, responded. She was the only job candidate interviewed, Ahmad said.”

The Dayton Daily News reported that Ahmad did not disclose this hiring of Waeda when a state contract was awarded to one of Alo’s clients, State Street Bank.  Recently, State Street was also selected to manage a major Saudi sharia-compliant investment fund in Ireland.

After serving as deputy treasurer of Ohio, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel hired Ahmad to become the comptroller of Chicago, despite the fact that “When Emanuel brought Ahmad to City Hall in late April 2011, newspapers in Ohio already had raised questions about the links between Ahmad and Alo after a Boston-based bank won business from the Ohio treasurer’s office after hiring Alo as its lobbyist.”

Current Ohio treasurer Josh Mandel was previously excoriated by the liberal media for accurately pointing out the improper dealings of Boyce, Ahmad, and Alo during his campaign to unseat Boyce.  So far, the media has yet to acknowledge that Mandel was right all along.

In addition to attending the radical Noor mosque, Amer Ahmad was a speaker in 2010 at the Council for the Advancement of Muslim Professionals (CAMP), a group with several ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in North America.

Ahmad and his wife created a community service organization called “SalamCorps” for which no registration or tax records could be found by Money Jihad.  Noure Alo and Walaa Waeda participated in a SalamCorps event.


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More cash for Hezbollah

June 11, 2010

A Lebanese couple in Ohio have been arrested for conspiring to send money to Hezbollah.  According to the Toledo Blade, the Akls are great people.  They’re hardworking and nice—great neighbors.  And the Blade thinks the FBI informant is an untrustworthy rat.  Ah, but there are a few details about the allegations:

According to the complaint, the Akls agreed to send money to the terrorist organization Hezbollah after they were approached by a confidential informant for the FBI who claimed he worked for an anonymous donor eager to support Hezbollah. The couple researched and proposed at least 10 ways in which the money could be shipped to Hezbollah.

The complaint alleges the Akls ultimately agreed to conceal as much as $1 million in the hollow sections of two vehicles that would be shipped to Lebanon via a car dealership in Toledo. They then would remove the cash and give it to Hezbollah officials on behalf of the purported anonymous donors in the United States, the complaint said.

The Akls expected to receive a fee or commission for arranging the transfer of funds, and Mr. Akl in March traveled to Lebanon to make arrangements for the delivery of the money to Hezbollah, the complaint alleges.

The affidavit also said others involved in the plan include a brother of Mrs. Akl who resides in Maumee and Mr. Akl’s brother in Lebanon, who owns a recreational facility where Hezbollah allegedly is allowed to meet.