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Terror plotting news: suggested reading

April 7, 2016
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  • U.S. indicts 7 Iranians who hacked 46 American banksmore>>
  • Documents seized from ISIS show Turkey gave their fighters safe passage to Syria… more>>
  • Belgium’s alleged Muslim Brotherhood front is funded by Qatar Charitymore>>

Qatar Charity gains beachhead in Somalia

October 20, 2013

Qatar Charity, which Osama Bin Laden once considered to be one of Al Qaeda’s three most important front charities, and which has more recently been observed to be working in concert with jihadist fighters in Mali, has established a “model village” in Mogadishu, Somalia.

The village is actually a refugee camp with “amenities” such as schools and drinking water, and a mosque that will be in keeping with Qatar Charity’s values.

This is the latest demonstration of Qatar’s attempt to shop for influence in unstable countries that are ripe for Islamist coups d’état.

From Bernama on Oct. 1:

Qatar Charity Establishes Model Village In Somalia

DOHA, Oct 1 (Bernama) — Qatar Charity (QC) has established a model village at a cost of around QAR1 million (RM890,986.75), near the Somali capital Mogadishu, within the framework of Eemaar project, to support the return of Somali displaced to their homes, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

According to a QC’s statement, the village includes a primary school, a mosque, shops and wells with the capacity of about 6,000 persons. It will also be receiving aid including food and non-food items in addition to the distribution of seeds, plowing equipment and pesticides to farmers and other income-generating projects.

QC’s Executive Director for International Development, Mohamed Ali Al-Ghamdi, noted that the establishment of the village comes under Eemaar project a year ago, aimed to support and encourage the displaced Somalis to return to their areas and provide them with income-generating projects.

By the way, how many public contracts and sub-contracts have been awarded to al-Shabaab fighters during village construction?


Iran claims Qatar wired $5 billion to Syrian rebels

August 11, 2013

An Iranian news agency has claimed that Qatar is sending a whopping 5 billion U.S. dollars to rebels fighting the Assad’s Shia-aligned Alawite regime.  The money is allegedly being transmitted through Qatar Charity (QC), which will administer 60 percent of the funds, while the radical Turkish charity IHH will allocate the balance of the money.

This story came out a month ago, but we missed it at the time—probably because we don’t normally read articles by Iranian state-affiliated media with poor sourcing and doubtful numbers.  Maybe they meant “million” instead of “billion,” or “Syrian pounds” instead of “USD.”

At any rate, Qatar’s use of QC and Turkey’s use of IHH to further their own foreign policy objectives by financing Islamist rebels abroad is consistent with what we already know to be true.  At a minimum, this article reveals that Iran too has become concerned about the increasing power of QC and IHH, and we should be as well.

Qatar Charity Wiring $5bln to Syria Rebels

TEHRAN (FNA)- Qatar has undertaken to pay another USD5 billion to the rebels in Syria, sources revealed on Saturday.

“Following the Friends of Syria meeting in Doha, Qatar has undertaken to pay a sum of USD5 billion to Syrian rebel groups,” a diplomat present at the recent Doha meeting told FNA.

“All this money is now being paid to the rebels in Syria through the Qatar Charity (QC) foundation,” added the source.

“The rebels are due to spend USD3 billion of the financial aid under the direct supervision of the Qatari government,” he explained, and added, “And the remaining USD2 billion will be spent under the supervision of Turkey’s IHH.”

Meantime, other sources revealed that directors of the regional bureaus of the US, British, French, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari and Jordanian intelligence agencies had met in Ankara last month to discuss a rebel attack in reprisal for the Syrian army’s recent victory in Al-Qusseir and extension of increased financial aid to the militants.

“Top intelligence officials of the US, Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan convened in an urgent meeting at the British ambassador’s residence in Ankara on June 7 to discuss an immediate rebel attack on the Syrian government and army positions in reprisal for the Syrian army’s recent victory in Al-Qusseir,” a liaison officer coordinating the meeting told FNA.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information and for fear of his life, said that the urgent meeting was called to assess the psychological impacts of the Syrian army’s victory in Al-Qusseir on rebel groups and work out a morale-boost response to Damascus.

The source said one of the key issues discussed at the meeting pertained to “increasing financial aids to the rebels by Saudi Arabia and Qatar”…


Islamist rebels using charity for jihad

March 10, 2013

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Aaron Y. Zelin have compiled some very important research in a new Foreign Policy article entitled “Uncharitable Organizations” about the growing sponsorship of jihadist activities overseas by non-governmental organizations.  They write that Islamic charities are using humanitarian aid in countries with Islamist movements including Tunisia, Syria, and Mali in order to 1) strengthen the dependence of the populations on their services, and 2) to provide a cover for their militant activities.

Specifically, Ansar al-Sharia Tunisia (AST) and Syrian Islamic Front (SIF) rebels are accepting aid from Middle Eastern charities that have all been previously linked to terror financing including the Turkish charity IHH, Kuwaiti charity RIHS, and Qatar Charity.  Qatar Charity itself is also active in Mali working in an apparently parallel fashion with rebel fighters.

Money Jihad has taken the liberty of boiling down their article into a few brief slides about three of the groups Gartenstein-Ross and Zelin discuss:

Readers are encouraged to read the original article at Foreign Policy online.


Qatar Charity opens $200K Java madrassa

February 23, 2012
Qatari oil money brainwashes Muslim children

Indonesia's newest Wahhabi madrassa

Qatar Charity, an entity that Osama Bin Laden once regarded as one of Al Qaeda’s three most important charitable front groups, has committed 760,000 Qatari rials (about 200,000 USD) to build a madrassa in West Java, Indonesia.  The charity, which is blacklisted by Israel, does not even pay lip service to the idea of having “moderate” imams or curriculum at the school.  From the charity’s press release last month:

Qatar Charity has established an educational project in Indonesia, after a QAR 760,000 donation.

The project includes a school, mosque, library, clinic, Quran memorization center, student housing and a student service center and was funded by a donation from Aisha Hussain Behzad.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Nur Shams, Director of Educational Affairs at the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs, Dr. Al-Haj Saad Eddin, Governor of Bakassi city, Ibrahim Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, acting Qatari Ambassador, Ibrahim Zainal, Director of Monitoring at QC and Hassan Ozkor, QC Office Director in Indonesia.

Zainal stressed QC’s enthusiasm for the implementation of such projects, which work in cooperation with local authorities, local associations and the targeted communities and beneficiaries in order to support the most vulnerable.

The project resembles so many Gulf-sponsored initiatives over the past 40 years that use Arab oil wealth to export fiery Wahhabi teachings to parts of the Islamic world that historically had somewhat less dangerous expressions of Islam tempered by local traditions and culture.

Qatar Charity (sometimes called Qatar Charitable Society) was formerly known as the Qatar Charitable Foundation.  The Qatar Charitable Foundation was implicated as an Al Qaeda front, a Hamas-supporting Union of Good member that also funded Chechen Islamists, a central player in a failed assassination attempt on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in 1995, and a financier of the Bangladeshi jihadist organization Jamatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

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