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Black money news: recommended reading

March 8, 2013

• Jiminy cricket! Our friend El Grillo says a “Stockholm suicide bomber falsely claimed student loans to fund his terrorist activity.”  The latest case of debt financing the jihadmore>>

• The good news is that Indian financial institutions are getting better about filing suspicious transaction reports. The bad news is that it makes it look like India has experienced a 300 percent increase in terrorist financing activity since last year.  Maybe they have… more>>

• Which way is the wind blowing?  Towards Iran.  Just ask Europe about its renewable energy sanctions waiver for Iranian wind power.  Thanks to Willauer Prosky for sending this in… more>>

• International financial watchdog FATF is supposed to counter the financing of terrorism. But lately it seems more focused on getting countries to pass meaningless laws and high-fiving itself… more from Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld>>

Money Jihad has covered the illicit wildlife trade, particularly in cheetahs by rich Arab buyers. But even we didn’t know how extensive the cheetah market has become in Dubai.  No reporting yet on how the smugglers use the revenues… more>>


Recommended reading from the Economic Warfare Institute

February 10, 2013

Chart from UNODC’s World Drug Report 2012

Terror finance expert Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Ken Jensen have written a new piece on the Economic Warfare Institute Blog entitled “Trafficking Cocaine in the Name of Allah.”

Ehrenfeld & Jensen report that terrorists in Mali and Algeria use the drug trade to finance their activities, noting that, “While Islam forbids the use of drugs by Muslims, there are no such limitations in selling it to the infidels.”

The article also accounts for several other funding sources of the Mali rebels, which, as Money Jihad has indicated, include Saudi Arabia and QatarIt’s all well worth the read; check it out here.


The one who would not cave: Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

August 2, 2010

After writing Funding Evil in 2003, terror finance expert Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld was sued by Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz, whose terrorist connections she helped expose.  Although Ehrenfeld is an American citizen who did not actively advertise or sell the book in Great Britain, Khalid bin Mahfouz was able to sue her under English libel laws.

In May, Accuracy in Media’s (AIM) Roger Aronoff interviewed Ehrenfeld about terrorist finance and the lawsuit against her.  Many Money Jihad readers are familiar with the Ehrenfeld case, but this portion of the interview is a good summary of what Ehrenfeld was up against in her very own words:

Fortunately, the case has led to new laws in New York that protect writers from foreign libel judgments.  Listen to the full podcast of the interview, which also covers more recent terrorist finance developments, at Ehrenfeld’s American Center for Democracy website here or BlogTalkRadio archive for AIM here.