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Lashkar-e Islam sticks Sikhs with jizya

July 12, 2011
Mangal Bagh, Lashkar-i Islam

Lashkar-e Islam regional chief Mangal Bagh

Lashkar-e Islam welcomes you to Bara, Pakistan. Hope you enjoy the reign of terror, extortion, kidnapping, torment, curfews, and anti-Sikh jizya.
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Jizya war waged against Sikhs

December 9, 2010

In 1735, Hakikat Rai, a Sikh Indian boy, was beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam (h/t AlertPak).  Today, Sikhs still face the deadly three-part ultimatum of conversion, payment of the jizya, or death.

Sikh proudly dies rather than convert to Islam

The beheading of Haqiqat Rai

Now for a modern slice of life under an Islamic tax code from Time via Jihad Watch:

Sikhs like Darsha Singh, displaced from his village of Orakzai in the war-ravaged tribal territories further northwest, have sought refuge with their co-religionists in Peshawar, which now hosts some 500 families, the largest Sikh population in Pakistan.

In Darsha’s hometown, which was once Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud’s base, the insurgents demanded that the small indigenous Sikh community either convert to Islam, leave the land of their forebears or pay a 12 million rupee ($140,000) jizya – the medieval tax levied on non-Muslims in an Islamic state. The Taliban then provided incentive: forcibly occupying Sikh-owned shops and houses, demolishing almost a dozen homes and kidnapping several men, beheading two. The community banded together and managed to come up with about a quarter of the amount demanded by the Taliban…

Read Jihad Watch’s full analysis of the war on Sikhs here.


More sick details on jizya against Sikhs

August 22, 2010

On Wednesday, Malkajgiri Lok Sabha blog posted an article about the slaughter of Sikh religious minorities in Pakistan.  Money Jihad has covered the imposition of the jizya on the Sikhs before (here, here, here, and here) but what caught my attention was the unprecedented detail that this post provided.  Take a gander of this excerpt:

The phenomenon “Pakistani Taliban” was unknown before 9/11. However, the significance of Jihadi elements in the tribal belt can be traced back to the early 80’s when the area became a launching pad for the CIA and ISI-driven holy war (jihad) against the former Soviet Union. With the Soviet withdrawal, the US agenda of jihad inside Afghanistan ended. But the strategic importance of the area remained intact for Pakistan which had to use, for many years to come, the tribal area for running training camps for jihadis, pursuing its policy of strategic depth against India as well as to have an upper hand with neighbouring Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, these games did not disturb the traditional tribal way of life and the Sikh families were living a normal life as before. With the rise of Pakistani Taliban in the past few years and their march to take control of the tribal areas, the traditional tribal code of ethics which ensured security for the Sikh community in the area gave way to the extremist ideology of Taliban. After establishing their writ, Taliban offered three options to non-Muslims — “Become Muslims, pay jizya or vacate the area.”

To set an example, Taliban last year demolished 11 houses of the Sikh community in the Orakzai Agency for refusing to pay ‘jizya’. The action was ordered by the then Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan(TTP) chief for Orakzai Agency, Hakimullah Mehsud, after the deadline given to the Sikh community for payment of jizya passed.

“Sharia had been enforced in the area and every non-Muslim has to pay protection money”, Hakimullah Mehsud had announced. Read the rest of this entry ?


Shocker: mainstream media acknowledge jizya

March 24, 2010

Zarar Khan, an Associated Press reporter writing in the Seattle Times, has written an article about persecution of Sikhs in Pakistan.  Surprisingly, the article actually acknowledges that Sikhs there are being forced to pay the jizya.  Here’s the beginning of the Mar. 22 article:

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Five Sikh men who fled their hometown on the Afghan border were making a quick trip back home when masked men blocked their way with a pickup on a mountain road not far from the Khyber Pass.

There were no houses, no buildings, no other cars in sight. The kidnappers covered their faces with black scarves and carried machine-guns.

Surjeet Singh had just wanted to check on the small grocery store he had left behind in Dabori, the Pakistani town he fled a year ago when it was overrun with Taliban fighters and the government launched a bombing campaign against them. In an area torn by Islamist violence, it had quickly become a dangerous place for a non-Muslim.

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Pakistan’s 2009 truce gave free hand to collect jizya

March 1, 2010

I don’t normally post twice a day, but this follow-up to the tragic beheading of three Sikhs in Pakistan deserves immediate dissemination.  New details are emerging about how the government of Pakistan has endorsed the collection of jizya by “militants” (ie, the Taliban).  From the Sikh News Network today:

Media reports of Jasper Singh’s beheading did not give any accounts of the attempted conversion. It wasn’t until the commission [United States Commission for International Religious Freedom] examined the news release that it made a stern statement.

“The Pakistani government must energetically investigate this crime and ensure that the murders are brought to justice,” Thames [Knox Thames, policy director of the commission] said by email. “The protection of Pakistani Sikhs and other religious minorities is critical, and no Pakistani, regardless of religion, should have to live in fear.”

The commission is charged with promoting and monitoring religious freedom issues abroad, and makes foreign policy recommendations to the president and Congress.

The State Department would not comment on this incident, but said it “condemns all inhumane acts by the Taliban.”

The Pakistani embassy in Washington, however, maintains that the Taliban killed Jasper Singh because his family could not pay the ransom, and that it had no evidence of forced conversions.

“I have not heard anything about it (forced conversions),” said Nader Kiang, spokesman for the Pakistani embassy. “It (extortion) has been happening to other people in the boarder region. It has no relevance for any people’s religion.” Non-Muslims are kidnapped for ransom, but are often released after paying Rest. 1,000 PKR, he added.

This is jizya – a tax on non-Muslims. The jizya tax is typically Rest. 1,000 PKR ($12 USD) per man, per year, which businessmen can afford. But the ransoms have been insurmountable. In a letter that was found on Jasper Singh’s body, the Taliban demanded Rest. 20 million PKR ($235,000 USD) for the lives of the other two Sikhs.

The letter also warned relatives and the Sikh community against approaching the media about the details of the killing, or face suicide attacks. But the news was out even before the body was brought back to Peshawar. At first the international media reported that two or even three Sikhs were killed, but it is now saying that the second and third person have not been confirmed.

“They (Taliban) wanted the news out to create fear,” Kulim Singh [president of United Sikhs in America] said. “This is a lawless land. The biggest thing to survive is to create an atmosphere of fear among minorities, and create international news.

“Everything started with jizya, which was allowed last summer” as part of the truce between the Pakistani government and the militants in the tribal belt, he said (emphasis mine). “The killing shows a different indication of security. We have a letter (from the Taliban), and we’re telling the story from the family and friends.”


Sick attacks & tax on Sikhs

February 22, 2010

One, two, or three (depending on which news account you ready) Sikhs in Pakistan were beheaded by the Taliban yesterday for refusing to be forcibly converted to Islam and for refusing to cough up ransom or jizya (depending on which account you read).  From The Times of India:

[A]ccording to security sources in New Delhi, Jaspal and Mahan [two of the Sikhs] were reportedly told to convert to Islam or face death. When they refused, their heads were chopped off and sent to the Bhai Joga Singh gurdwara in Peshawar.

The Indian government has taken serious note of this and is in touch with the high commission in Islamabad. “This incident is shocking. We are looking into it,” a source said.

The miniscule Sikh community in NWFP and Afghanistan has been under pressure from the Taliban to embrace Islam, official sources said. The Taliban, during their reign in Afghanistan, had imposed jiziya — a religious tax — on all minorities, mostly Hindus and Sikhs. They were made to wear a piece of yellow cloth on their breast pocket to identify themselves.

That the jizya is being imposed on Sikhs is not news.  Even the slumbering U.S. State Department acknowledged that in a report last year (which I have blogged about before), saying:

In April 2009 the Taliban began to extort money under the guise of a jizya tax (traditionally a tax on non-Muslims paid in exchange for government protection) in Orakzai Agency, FATA. In response to extortion and attacks, some members of the Sikh community fled the area after paying approximately $240,000 (20 million rupees) as jizya tax after the Taliban forcibly occupied their homes and kidnapped a Sikh leader, Kalyan Singh.

Remember, jizya (Koran 9:29) is mandated by Islam and ransom (Koran 47:5) is authorized by Islam.  Whether this particular case technically qualifies as jizya or ransom is immaterial:  the concepts are two wings of the same jihadist bird of prey.