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Tony Blair’s relative speaks at Interpal event

April 8, 2011

Lauren Booth, the half-sister for former British prime minister Tony Blair’s wife, has visited Interpal, a notorious Union of Good charity.  The Union of Good raises money for Hamas, and Ms. Booth spoke at an Interpal fundraising event.  (Prior Interpal coverage is available here and here.)  No safeguards to ensure that the money is used legally without aiding Hamas are mentioned.  Hat tip to TGMBDR for highlighting this Humanitarian Voice article from Mar. 28:

Journalist Lauren Booth visited Bradford last weekend to speak at a fund-raiser for medical aid for Gaza.

The programme was organised by the Bradford office of Interpal, a British charity working to provide humanitarian aid and development support for Palestinians. Interpal works in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon.

The fund-raiser at which Ms. Booth spoke about her path to Islam, which started during her visit to Gaza in 2008 on one of the Free Gaza boats, was held at Panshee restaurant, off Leeds Road.

A packed venue ensured that £32,000 was pledged on the night to help buy much-needed medical equipment and supplies for the besieged Gaza Strip.

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Muslim Aid in foreign politics

March 29, 2011

The news and analysis website E-Bangladesh has uncovered more duplicity by Muslim Aid, a Union of Good (pro-Hamas) charity based in Britain.  While Muslim Aid tries to tell the public that it is a humanitarian relief organization, it is really sending zakat dollars to support a major Islamist political party in Pakistan.  E-Bangladesh rightly calls on the U.K.’s feckless Charity Commission for a renewed investigation into Muslim Aid.

E-Bangladesh, Feb. 20, 2011–Muslim Aid is charity based in the UK. It has sister organisations around the world. These include the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Muslim Aid Australia. They are all affiliated to the Jamaat-i-Islami movement and give donations to the Al-Khidmat Foundation in Pakistan.

In February 2011, the British Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan, Dr. Peter Tibber, visited Liaquat Baloch, the Secretary General of Jamaat-i-Islami Pakistan. Baloch also acts as the Chairman of the Al-Khidmat Foundation. Tibber told Baloch that he praised Jamaat for its social work through the Al-Khidmat Foundation…

Muslim Aid and its sister organisations do provide vital support to people in poor countries and conflict afflicted areas. That can not [sic] be disputed. However, Muslim Aid(s) support for Al-Khidmat is designed to increase the political influence of the Jamaat-i-Islami. It is also trying to undermine the Pakistani government.

The Jamaat-i-Islami movement was founded by Maulana al-Mawdudi. He envisioned a quasi religious/political/social party which would try to emulate the spirit of fascist and communist revolutionaries. The movement would then build a core ideology around Mawdudi’s interpretation of Islam. He believed Jihad and armed struggle was essential to give energy to his revolutionary programme which looked to overthrow secular society and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.

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Muslim Charities Forum bridges gap among Hamas donors

January 27, 2011
Founder of Muslim Charities Forum and Islamic Relief

Dr. Hany El Banna, Islamic Relief President

GEO Television reported on Jan. 22 that Muslim Charities Forum representatives from the U.K. visited Islamabad to be thanked by Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani for their contributions to Pakistan.

A line toward the end of GEO’s article reads “The forum coordinates and bridges the gap between charitable organizations like Islamic Relief, Human Appeal, Muslim Hands and Human Relief,” according to Dr. Hany El Banna.  MCF’s website confirms that.  Some forum!  Human Appeal International, Muslim Hands, and Humanitarian Relief Foundation are all recognized by Israel as members of the notorious Hamas-financing Union of Good network of “charities.”  If El Banna wants to throw his lot in with them, then his own Islamic Relief organization might as well be listed as a Union of Good charity too.

I didn’t realize there was a “gap” among the charities that are already members of the same Hamas network.  Thank goodness that Hany El Banna is there to fill it.


UBS blacklists Urgence Palestine

January 9, 2011

The Swiss bank UBS has banned money transfers to Collectifs Urgence Palestine (CUP), an anti-Israel organization that funds projects in Gaza.  UBS says the decision has to do with risk, not politics.

That may be technically true.  UBS doesn’t spell out exactly what the “risk” is, but clearly that bank has made an assessment that money transferred to its customer, CUP, is at risk of funding Hamas.  That presents a level of legal and financial exposure that UBS will no longer accept.

(Now if UBS would also cease its Noriba Bank sharia financing operations, they could really be applauded.)

Here’s an excerpt from a SwissInfo article from Jan. 5 (h/t Elder of Ziyon for briefly mentioning the story):

UBS upholds ban on pro-Palestinian transfers

Swiss bank UBS has defended itself for blocking transactions to benefit pro-Palestinian groups based in Switzerland.

The bank has stopped such payments in the past but the issue was rekindled on Wednesday when the bank said it was obligated to respect “legal provisions” regarding embargoes and sanctions.

The Geneva-based Le Matin newspaper reported that about ten Swiss people or groups sympathetic to the Palestinian cause – namely Urgence Palestine – had money transfers blocked by UBS.

The decision “is not linked to political motives but to an assessment of risks associated with such transactions”, the bank said in a statement.

“UBS must respect the hundreds of legal provisions” in terms of “international decisions concerning embargoes and sanctions”, the bank added…

In 2008, the U.S. Treasury Department designated the Union of Good, which includes a Swiss charity known as the Association de Secours Palestiniens (ASP), as a terrorist entity.

Notably, the Swiss CUP is made up of individual members and smaller organizations including an organization calling itself the Association Suisse-Palestine.  It may just be a coincidence that that organization has the initials ASP, the same initials as the Swiss Union of Good affiliate.

Or like some other Islamic charities have done when they get designated by the U.S., they simply changed their name.  The Jerusalem Fund for Human Services, a Canadian Union of Good member, changed its name to IRFAN after being outed.  The Islamic American Relief Agency was formerly known as the Islamic African Relief Agency, which was designated by the Treasury Department in 2004.

If the two ASPs are the same, that would help explain UBS’s concern about doing business with CUP.


Charity Commission blows it

December 21, 2010

For years, the “experts” told us that all Saudi Arabia needs is a charity regulation commission which would put a stop the Saudis from funding of terrorism through proxy “charities” around the world.  But recent developments in Britain show that charity commissions may be better at giving charities a stamp of approval than they are at real, penetrating regulation.

The U.K. Charity Commission has declared that Muslim Aid—an admitted donor to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society in 2002 and 2003 after al-Ihsan had been shuttered by the Palestinian Authority in 2001 for having formal links with the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad—is innocent of the “unsubstantiated” allegations against it.

From the Telegraph on Dec. 17 (h/t Jihad Watch):

The Charity Commission, Britain’s most ineffective regulator, has once again whitewashed an organisation linked to fundamentalist Islam.

In March this newspaper reported on allegations that the charity Muslim Aid, a close associate of the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe, had channelled funds to eight organisations linked to the terrorist groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Muslim Aid has admitted funding two of the organisations and has repeatedly refused to deny funding the other six.

Now, however, the Commission has published what it is pleased to call a “regulatory case review” into the charity saying that allegations of terrorist links are “unsubstantiated.”

It has only been able to reach this verdict by completely ignoring the vast majority of the allegations made against Muslim Aid, and by redefining the single allegation it did choose to “investigate” in a way which allowed it to exonerate the charity. By its own admission, it did not even investigate seven out of the eight allegations which it now claims are “unsubstantiated.”

The allegations made against Muslim Aid were as follows:

  1. that it had since July 2009 channelled money to six organisations linked to Hamas:
    • the Islamic Society of Nuseirat;
    • the Islamic Society of Khan Younis;
    • the Islamic Centre of Gaza;
    • the Islamic al-Salah, Gaza;
    • the National Association of Moderation and Development;
    • the Khan Younis Zakat Committee
    • The allegations were made by security sources, who provided us with documentary evidence of the dates and amounts.
  2. that it in the year 2005 paid money to another Hamas-linked organisation, the Islamic University of Gaza.
  3. that it had paid money to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, linked to Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
  4. that it had extensively funded the Muslim Council of Britain, a UK-based political lobbying group. This is contrary to Muslim Aid’s declared charitable objects, which are “to relieve the poor, the elderly, children and all those who are in need in any part of the world as a result of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, famines, epidemics, poverty and plagues, to relieve those who are refugees fleeing from war zones and war victims.”

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Beaucoup zakat for Pakistan

August 23, 2010

One gets the impression looking at this chart from a presentation entitled “Islamic Radicalization in Europe” by Dr. Mia Bloom University of Georgia that France is at the forefront of the Islamization of the West.

Demographics of Islam across Atlantic

France home to biggest Muslim population in West

France has more Muslims than Lebanon or Kuwait.

Where there are Muslims, there is also zakat.

Many French Muslims give at their mosques.  But for those who give to charities, the largest include: 

The website “Respaix Conscience Musulmane” recently urged readers to contribute to Pakistani flood relief by making a donation to any one of those three charities.

The inclusion CBSP in fundraising appeals for Pakistan is especially infuriating.  France is notorious for its refusal to designate CBSP as a terrorist organization, while Israel, the U.S., the Netherlands, and Germany have all recognized CBSP’s perfidy.  Any Frenchman who gives his money to CBSP might as well give his money directly to the Pakistani Taliban.


Special report: Guyana Islamic Trust touts work with Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated charities

August 1, 2010

In 1838, the British began an eighty-year effort to move nearly one-quarter of a million workers from India to British Guiana (now simply “Guyana”) in South America.  The Indians migrants were mostly Hindu, but as many as 16 percent were Muslim.

In the 1900s as Guyana’s anti-“imperialist,” pro-independence, and pro-communist forces took root, Guyana began aligning itself with international troublemakers such as Iran—after the Iranian Revolution.  Partly because of its Muslim population, Guyana has historically practiced an anti-Israel foreign policy. 

Un-PC map illustrates ethnic groups in Guyana

1973 map identifies Indian majorities in coastal Guyana

The Islamic character of Guyana has been intensified in recent decades by the efforts of Sunni Arabs who have moved to, agitated in, and spread Gulf money around Guyana.  For more about the Islamist Arabization of Guyana’s Muslim population Read the rest of this entry ?