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Missile freeze stagecraft

June 28, 2010

When the United Nations Security Council passed its latest economic sanctions against Iran (Resolution 1929), the U.S. State Department confessed that the resolution did not preclude Russia from selling S-300 missiles to Tehran.

Sen. Jon Kyl and national security analysts quickly condemned the glaring loophole.  However, Russia followed up by issuing statements of its own that the missile sales to Iran would be “frozen.”

A “freeze” means that the Russians could thaw it at any time as a future bargaining chip against the West.  The moment we try to do something that Putin doesn’t like, he can say, “I must look again at Resolution 1929, Comrade Wolf.”

Ahmadinejad has made a big show of his anger at Russia for voting for sanctions, but that’s mostly for public consumption.  Iran will continue to use its oil wealth, its extensive sharia banking network, and its bonyad system to circumvent the latest sanctions regime and get back in bed with Putin.