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Funding armed struggle: suggested news reading

March 14, 2013
  • Twenty Chechen blackshirts show up to join the fight in Syria.  “Jihad needs very many things. Firstly it needs money. Much is dependent on money today for jihad,” says the rebel leader… more>>
  • A Hamas charity maintained an account with a French bank in the early 2000s.  Eight suicide bombs, five bus bombs, and 140 corpses later, a federal judge says Credit Lyonnais will stand trial… more>>
  • When you’re laundering money for the world’s biggest gun-runner, you might not want everybody to know exactly who you are.  Maybe that’s why Syrian-born “Richard Chichakli” has 16 aliasesmore>>
  • Ansar al-Sharia attacked the U.S. embassy in Tunis last year, and they seem to have a lot of money to throw around.  But we are, says one member, merely funded by local donations from around the neighborhood.  It is, Aaron Zelin explains, not the whole storymore>>
  • The U.S. State Department has announced it will provide aid to the Free Syrian Army.  True, the FSA fights alongside Al Qaeda, but let’s not split hairs… more>>

Illicit finance news: suggested reading

February 21, 2013

Shariah Finance Watch writes that the latest sanctions by Treasury against the leader of Al Qaeda in North Africa are “purely political theater”… more>>

• World traveler Richard Chichakli, the Syrian-American who helped Viktor Bout run guns to Hezbollah, seeks bail. Australian judge: “Bit of a flight risk, aren’t you?” more>>

• Need to get a supply shipment to Afghanistan?  On your way, be sure to dock in Bandar Abbas, Iran, just like the Americans.  Starr asks, “Why is the United States Subsidizing Iran?”  more (or here)>>

• If Mazaheri thought he could smuggle a 70 million dollar check, what else has Iran’s former central bank chief gotten away with?  Ken Rijock investigates… more>>

• One man’s search for Noah’s ark could help bankrupt terrorism… more>>