UN quietly lifts sanctions on Bin Laden accomplice

June 24, 2013

Saudi removed from UN sanctions list

The UN’s sanctions committee removed Adel Batterjee’s name from its Al Qaeda blacklist earlier this year.  News coverage of the removal appears to have been limited to Saudi media outlets.  The U.K. followed suit shortly thereafter by lifting sanctions on Batterjee as well.

The shocking development casts further doubt on the cryptic de-listing process spearheaded by Canadian lawyer and UN ombudswoman Kimberly Prost that also led to white-listing of Muhammad Atta associate Abdelghani Mzoudi, jihadist financier Yasin Al-Qadi, and Al Qaeda check smuggler Soliman al-Buthe.  Prost’s reports and recommendations to the UN committee are secret, and the decisions are made with no explanations, transparency, or opportunities for public comment.

Meanwhile, author J. Millard Burr has published a new book, The Terrorists’ Internationale, through the American Center for Democracy.  Burr’s book documents the growth of Islamist terror groups in the 1980s and 1990s and the role of Sudanese intriguer Hassan al-Turabi in their development.  In it, Burr describes Adel Batterjee as a “close friend” of Osama bin Laden who “‘had become an important figure in the jihad movement’ by the mid-nineteen eighties.”  Batterjee moved back and forth between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to obtain financing for Lajnat Al-Birr Al-Islamiya (The Islamic Benevolence Committee), a bin Laden front charity.

Contradicting Batterjee’s claims that he had no contact with Bin Laden after 1991, Burr writes:

…Bin Laden and Batterjee had re-created their [Lajnat] charity in the Sudan and in 1992 registered it under a new name, the Al-Birr al-Duwaliya–known in the West as the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF). Its official headquarters was listed as Saudi Arabia, and Batterjee was named its director. Although centered in Khartoum, the “charity” continued to operate in Pakistan; Batterjee reduced the Al-Birr operation at Peshawar, but the small staff located there was likely called on to support Bin Laden’s interests in the Dawa Al Irshad at Murdike, and with two mujahideen training camps located in the Afghanistan-Pakistan borderlands…

The CEO of the Benevolence International Foundation served 10 years in federal prison on racketeering charges stemming from the foundation’s “charitable” work.  In 2004, Treasury undersecretary Stuart Levy said that Batterjee “ranked as one of the world’s foremost terrorist financiers, and employed his private wealth and a network of charitable fronts to bankroll the murderous agenda of al-Qaeda.”


  1. we are observing MB proxies at work, be it sanitizing MB and making life easy for MB to continue Jihad….

    if things move in same direction, we surely will see more genocides in near future…. one is going on in Syria currently, thuogh Media tries to look in other direction, rather then looking at plight of syrian Christians…

    though till now there was a cap, due to resources limitation at ‘Rebel’ … now this is also gone!!

    didn’t we saw that tatics in work during Bosnian-Serbain war ? the financial pillar accepted and accepted back then is till today hurting the global humanity… if that was not enough for UN, now this ? surely they should change their name to Useless Nations, rather then United Nations…

    • Hi, Puneet! I think these wealthy Saudis who were named as Osama bin Laden donors have undertaken extensive backroom lobbying efforts with high powered lawyers and marketers. I’m not even sure they’re MB proxies so much as full-out MB members and Al Qaeda supporters.

      You’re right that nothing is stopping these very same people from turning around and funding Syrian “rebels” that have sworn allegiance to al-Nusra, or jihadists in Mali. The UN is worse than useless in this case–it could fuel current and future conflicts by opening the floodgates to further funding and arming of Arab “Spring” rebels.

      • its also just my assumption that its MB proxy …. Many of the Saudi ‘elites’ are associated with MB in Saudi Arabia, and dominate the saudi ‘intellectual'(Ha!) lobby since decades…. basically they resonate well with wahabi’s, the only real conflict that i well aware of between two parties was during 1979 Mecca mosque hijack ( and event whose aftermath make me think that it is MB proxies )……

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  4. […] cryptic recommendation made by a UN ombudsman.  Like instances covered by Money Jihad here, here, here, and here, the ombudsman makes confidential reports for removal with no opportunity for […]

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