SFW’s list of sharia banks

See here for Shariah Finance Watch’s latest list of financial institutions offering Islamic banking services.


  1. Name: Lorytta Sannaki
    Email: Loryttas@yahoo.com

    Message: hello, Iam LORYTTA SANNAKI BALSWAMY from mumbai india iam in lots of financial problems and i have to do a operation i dont have money iam in need of 5 lakhs 87 thousand indian ruppes Whatever money you can help me i will be very thankful in my life time please please help me iam in urgent need and god bless you and your people and families thank you my bank deatils are: MY NAME-LORYTTA SANNAKI BALSWAMY BANK NAME – HDFC BANK LTD MUMBAI – TARDEO Savings Account No – 05441140011074 BRANCH – TARDEO – MUMBAI IFSC Code/RTGS/NEFT CODE :- HDFC0000544 HDFC BANK LTD, MUMBAI – TARDEO MY MOBILE NUMBER – 9323266042 MY EMAIL ID – loryttas@yahoo.com

  2. Asalam walekum to all my muslims brothers & sister’s. .

    Hello sir
    My name is muskan ,i belong to an Muslim family from india.
    I understand that your foundation help people mainly in USA, but still I thought if I vl speak to you guys I might get some kind of help.. the reason I am here is because I am badly in need now.. I am staying in india pune maharashtra we are family of 5.. staying with my mom I have one younger sister and two younger brothers.. my dad he got married to an other lady when I was in 7th std.. he left all of us and got free from all the responsibilities that he had.. my parents got apart without even thinking about their kids future, sir to be honest with you my dad is financially good.. he owns 2 to 3 houses he has good income source and all that but yet when it comes to us he always gribs about his life.. I always think if he never wanted to take our responsibility than why he showed us this world. . My mom kept on begging in front of him atleast think about our kids let them study.. but my dad did what he had to he threw all of us from the house along with the clothes… since then me and my family is struggling to survive in our day to day life.. we try taking help from our relatives but nobody helped us.. all my aunties they just wanted a servant who can clean their houses.. for few years we did that as well my family was scattered in different cities younger sis with one aunty and brothers with other aunties.. After few years staying here and there my mom bought all of us together as she started working in a small office. . As I was in high school couldn’t help my mom and my siblings financially. . Yet I used to hide and go to do some household work so that I can get some money to help my family… things went on like this for few years my mom helped me to complete my education till 12th std.. After that she started not keeping well so now the responsibility of my mom n siblings has come on me.. I dont know what to do and how to manage as its not that easy to survive here.. I am working as a marketing executive though but my salary is not sufficient to full filled their dreams… as we are staying in a rented accommodation half of my salary goes in paying rent.. then I also have to take care of other stuffs like daily needs, utility bills, etc.. and by doing all this I am not able to save a single penny.. my dream is see my family happy as we were .. I am just praying to allah to do some kind of magic and wipe away my families tears.. so its an humble request to all of my brothers out there if you can help me in any way .. if any one wants to or feel like helping me and my family kindly contact me on my email id muskan8686@gmail.com

    Thank you..

  3. Hi sir
    I am a hindu. I belong to mahatma gandhi community.
    I love islam. I like to convert to muslim. If you offer me 1 crore dirahms, I convert to muslim.
    I am from india. I am a scientist. I need money for research. I have formulas of different kinds of things. I will get more than 25 patents. If you offer me money i come to islam
    My cell 91 9542190564
    My mail chandanaresh26@gmail.com

  4. I want help me

  5. My name ahmed i live in somalia and i live only me becouse i dont have mother so i want to help me if you can

  6. Dear sir my name is pradeep and i live in new Delhi but my problem is some people to aggressive to me then i would like fight and my family is broken my heart so sir plz help me my email id psinghrawat786@gmail.com
    MObile no +918802317331

  7. Assalam alikum
    Dear Sir I am rejaul Karim from Indiaian Muslim. I am very problem in this time please help me. I have business. My father’s and my life total income pondering. I have no money in this time. Pirate get 2000000 lakh Indian rupee. I am running my family credit. Please help me allah bless you. My email id rejaulkarim39@gmail.com. Then I am go to Saudi Arabia for jobs there are no jobs then return India. Sir please try to understand my situation.

  8. Assalmoalaikum warhmattullah wabtakatahu i am mohd hasan khan from Varanasi India I am in lots of financial problems and i have to do a few pepol karza i dont have money for payment I am in need of 3 lakhs indian ruppes Whatever money you can help me i will be very thankful in my life time sir whatever help netchet of without interest loan or your engios help if you help me i will pay with in 5 years please please help me i am in urgent need and god bless you and your people and families

  9. I am presently in need of money can any one here help me out.

  10. As-salam alaykom, brothers in Islam. I know well French but I’ll try in English. My name is Ousmane Koita. I’m leaving at Mali. LI’m the chef of my family . My father had a mental trouble. We don’t have any Choice . I trust In Allah. We don’t discouraged. Can you help me with your zakkat?

  11. Aslamualaikum my brother and sisters I am very poor man and my income sorec zero my family large please you help my bank account 14250100004417 my name Bashir Ahmad my mobail 00919816062621 Allah hafiz

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