Money laundering expert accuses Venezuela of massive uranium exports to Iran

January 16, 2013

One of Money Jihad‘s favorites, the Financial Crimes Blog by Kenneth Rijock, is making a disturbing allegation:  that Venezuela is illegally exporting massive amounts of uranium for Iran’s nuclear program, and that U.S. officials have rejected the evidence.  The “reliable sources” aren’t named and the “irrefutable, documentary evidence” isn’t specified, so take it with a grain of salt, but Mr. Rijock has proved to be very insightful and prescient before.

From Jan. 10:


The United States, for reasons not known to this writer, appears to be deliberately ignoring the mounting indications of massive exports of Uranium, from Venezuela, to its end user, the Government of Iran. Reliable sources have confirmed that irrefutable, documentary evidence of same, from unimpeachable sources, has been politely declined when offered. America opposes Iran’s WMD programme, somebody has chosen to ignore the truth, when  it comes from Venezuela.

Given that close monitoring of Iran’s developing illegal Weapons of Mass Destruction programme has become an American obsession, I am baffled as to why actionable intelligence, regarding these outbound shipments is of no interest to America’s intelligence community. Vessels laden with Uranium  are leaving Venezuela’s Caribbean ports, steaming direct to Iran with their illicit cargo…

There’s a little more to the full post including Rijock’s speculation on the reason for the U.S.’s hear-no-evil, see-no-evil attitude here.


  1. Regarding my recent article on Uranium exports to Iran, and the question about the reliability of my source, he is an indigenous asset of our intelligence services. His offer of photographs and other evidence documenting the shipments was summarily declined by his sponsor, and he was so astounded that he is considering his options, including terminating his intelligence gathering activity.

    For those who need more, I can tell you that these shipments have been ongoing for approximately a decade. In the early 2000s, the Syrian Al-Qaeda theoretician, Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, then living in Venezuela, under the protection of the Chavez government, was seen repeatedly supervising Uranium shipments at Puerto Cabello. That intelligence was forwarded to the US intelligence community.

    Nasar, who was then evading a global law enforcement search in the aftermath of the Madrid train bombings, an operation which he created and commanded, was being escorted by DISIP, the name at that time for the Venezuelan intelligence & security police. The US intelligence community declined to take action against him at that time, and he went on to author the London transport bombings, and he is believed to be the individual who advocated the use of IEDs in Iraq against coalition forces.

    Nasar, whose treatise is the primary AQ political manual, was released from a Syrian prison during the present civil war, and his present whereabouts are unknown.

    • Thank you, sir, for those additional details. Great exposé, and very troubling for what this says about the U.S. approach on this matter.

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