Arab nations fund Marseille mega-mosque

October 29, 2010

Old news in need of wider dissemination.  Various “Arab nations” have pledged the money that will be necessary to build the new “Grand Mosque” in Marseille that will fit 7,000 worshipers…  From France 24, courtesy of the “Islam in Europe” blog on May, 20, 2010:


  1. I don’t understand. Is there a thesis to your argument?

    Also, why is the term arab nations in quotes?

    • “Arab nations” is in quotes because it’s a quote from the news story. It’s probably referring to Saudi Arabia (or perhaps UAE). Like the U.S., many mosques in Europe are Saudi-funded. Mosques with Saudi backing too often end up with radical clerics as their leaders. That isn’t comforting.

  2. […] (See prior Money Jihad coverage of a Gulf Arab funded mega-mosque in Marseille here.) […]

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