From SFW: Robbed for Sharia

July 26, 2011

“If the banks continued to operate contrary to Islamic code, monies snatched from them remain legitimate…”

Mercy.  Here’s further evidence for those who doubted that Islamic bank robbery isn’t just greedy criminality.  It is a reasoned decision based on the sacred texts of Islam by its most zealous adherents.

Shariah Finance Watch had a great post on the subject last week.  An excerpt follows.

Nigerian Jihadists Target Banks for not being Shariah Compliant

…The latest development in the violence in Nigeria should catch the attention of SFW readers: now the violent Jihadists are targeting banks in Nigeria because they do not comply with Shariah law.

In other words, using violent methods, the jihadist terrorists are working toward the same basic goals as the financial jihadists, in this case the chief of the country’s central bank who, by hook or by crook, is determined to see Shariah banking and finance gain a stronghold in Nigeria…

Read their full post here.  Yeesh!

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