Muslim Americans embrace convicted felons

November 25, 2011

After the guilty verdict on all counts last month against two Muslim women living in Minnesota for raising money for the jihadist terror organization al-Shabaab, did the local Somali community distance itself from the convicts?  Did they denounce terrorism?  Did they claim that zakat should be used for helping the poor rather than for financing Islamic wars abroad?  Did they say that these women misunderstood Islam, and didn’t represent them and their desire for world peace?

No.  They called the verdict “discrimination,” and they called the terror financiers “heroes”:

Under Islamic law, those who cannot personally wage physical jihad are encouraged to wage jihad with their wealth to guarantee their place in paradise.

One comment

  1. though political lobbies say majority are moderate, but watching that I must say moderate muslim are some rare psychological mutants.. oh my, oh my … they all are so eager to have contribution in blood bath..

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