Foreign aid to Palestinian territories closely correlated with number of terror deaths

November 28, 2011

While the mainstream media attack Republicans in Congress for holding aid money to the Palestinian Authority, and while Republican presidential candidates are lampooned for suggesting scaled back foreign aid, we would do well to remember the startling trend exposed several years ago by the Terror Finance Blog, Daniel Pipes, Jean-Paul Azam, Alexandra Delacroix, and CAMERA, that the number of individual deaths caused by Palestinian Arab terrorism track uncannily with the amount of money that they receive in millions of dollars in international aid:

Acts of Palestinian-Arab terrorist murder plotted against foreign aid to the Palestinian-Arabs

Aid to the Palestinian territories, although nominally restricted to the Palestinian Authority, is routinely passed through to the Hamas-controlled Gaza government by Mahmoud Abbas (code name:  Abu Mazen).  The Gaza government employs “security forces” who moonlight as Hamas operatives.  Checks are written to the families of “martyrs.”  The Palestinian Authority gives stipends to convicted terrorists in Israeli jails and paydays for released terrorists after prisoner swaps.

Is it any wonder then that when the Palestinian Authority is flush with funds, the Holy Land is flush with fatalities?


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    The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug
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    Where the money goes (I don’t know) …..

  2. […] possible correlation resembles the relationship between aid to the Palestinian territories and the number of Palestinian terrorist […]

  3. […] possible correlation resembles the relationship between aid to the Palestinian territories and the number of Palestinian terrorist […]

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