Pay to play: Saudi Arabia shakes down Denmark for halal fees to terror-linked MWL

August 22, 2013

The Muslim World League is the primary vessel for the dissemination of oppressive Wahhabi doctrine across the world.  MWL has also worked with or helped create terrorist organizations such as JMB in Bangladesh.  Now it appears that the MWL is the beneficiary of Saudi trade scheme that requires Danish companies to pay for halal certification by the MWL in order to export its products to Saudi Arabia.

This situation is somewhat similar to halal certification fees benefiting the Muslim Brotherhood in France.  One difference is that if Saudi Arabia can force exporters to obtain halal certification from MWL chapters worldwide, that could represent a fortune in certifying fees for the MWL.

The news comes from Islam versus Europe, which translated the news from EPN, a webpage of the major Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten:

“The Saudi organization MWL is against freedom of religion, in favor of the death penalty for homosexuals – and get paid to halal approve Danish companies. Great Danish food producers such as Danish Crown, Rose Poultry and Arla are annually forced to pay thousands of dollars into the organization Muslim World League, which advocates oppression of women, the death penalty for homosexuals and the elimination of democracy. This is because Saudi Arabia requires that Danish companies that want to export halal products to the wealthy monarchy have to pay to the Danish branch of the Muslim World League in order to be halal certified.”


  1. Comprador bourgeoisie.

  2. There is nothing new for Denmark. It is done all over the world from Saudi Arabia. Only Halal Food is allowed here and certification is a must for exporting to Saudi Arabia. This is nothing unusual. They have to pay the charges (fee).

    • It may be nothing new but it hasn’t been reported by the media before.

      • Hahaha….This is the problem we are facing. Western media shows only one face of coin. Every where this system is implemented, even in my country India, they have to pay the same. Can you imagine without certification, halaal food? How it can be accepted without reliable certification???

    • Right but there are a host of organizations that essentially sell certification services in exchange for a label indicating halal compliance. It’s a racket practiced by more than just the Saudis.

      • If it is true, then it is a very bad situation and Saudi Government must act on this & immediately stop this type of food.

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  4. I know of a restaurant in NY where the staff puts pork fat in meals served to Muslims

    • Okay. I know of Christians who are unwittingly fed halal certified turkey and other food products which is against Old Testament scripture.

      The problem is the lack of transparency and forthrightness about what is and is not halal certified. Labeling standards need a thorough review.

  5. If all countries refused to pay the fees, those Arabs would soon starve

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